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Over the past four years I have been attending the International School of the Americas and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. The teachers are phenomenal, acedemics are great, and the classmates except you for who you are. Every year at ISA I have had the oppertuniy to go on trips all over the United States. For my freshman year, the freshman class and I visited heifer ranch in Arkansas where we experienced what it was like to be in poverty. For our Sophomore year, I was lucky enough to go to New Mexico with my class where we learned about the Spanish pueblos and language. Last year, for my senior year, our class went to Alabama to learn about the civil rights movement and meet with people who took part in the movement. I have loved every minute I have been at ISA and I know that I will never forget the wonderful life changing experiences I have had there.
Overall the school is amazing and I would choose to go there again if I could go back in time. Teachers truly care and give you learning experiences that are truly unique and meaningful beyond general schooling. Things such as Globie youth service day, MUNSA, and our schools yearly field trips are among the many experiences that shape the students and community around ISA. However, I did give the school a four out of five stars and this is not a fair representation because if possible I would give a four and a half or even a little higher, but there needs to be something in place to identify one major downfall (or upside, depending on how you look at it) to the schools format. All students take the highest level class they can take based on prerequisites at that time. This is because ISA believes if we are to separate the classes out then we are to dilute the possibilities and diversity of thought in each classroom.
ISA is a wonderful school to attend to become global aware of what is happening in the world. Awesome activities such as MUNSA, The Social Justice Project, and Make a Difference really get students engaged in learning about global issues. Also, the yearly trips are such an amazing way to engage students with grade-level concepts.
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I love attending ISA due to how much community there is. It's easy to connect to your teachers and the way that they run the classroom is often not traditional. I enjoy how accommodating the teachers are and it's a very interactive school. We many times have field trips and help out in our community through volunteering. Overall, I've enjoyed my time spent here and feel prepared for my future.
International School of the Americas is a great fit for those who are looking for experience based, outside-of-the box learning. The resources of the larger LEE High School campus are available to all students attending ISA, and the faculty of ISA is outstanding both in quality of instruction and care for students.
The International School of the Americas, commonly referred to as ISA, is a very different kind of school. From day one the focus is on building relationships and preparing to take a more active role in the community. As a lottery style magnet school the students in your classes will be from all over San Antonio which provides an amazing chance to understand different perspectives. The core classes are also going to be separated from the main campus because of the rigor and style. The opportunity to participate in activities of the arts or sports are still open allowing ISA students to work and play with students at the main campus. The type of learning may not be right for everyone, but if one has a passion for learning and a drive to succeed the school holds a lot of opportunity.
The International School Of The Americas was one of the top schools I have ever had the privilege of attending. Not only did we get to take cool trips to different states, but it gave us a chance to enrich our mind with the different cultures that surrounded us and allowed us to open our minds and understand different perspectives while collaborating with others to achieve one common goal, how to be global leaders. There’s not much I would change about the school but if there’s one thing I could change is that I would like all the original teachers to be there when I was attending ISA.
My high school experience is one to remember. The International School of the Americas is like no other high school and will give you unique experiences that will have a great impact of your education. They really focus on collaboration and presentation - two things that are highly desired and needed in the workforce. Besides the academics, they send you out into the world being globally aware.
The school is really good at talking a good game, but do not believe a word. Teachers and students are thrown under the bus in the name of school appearances or in bowing to litigious parents. School discipline in inconsistent and favors the elite. Pressure to pass students leads to water-downed content. For claiming to be liberal and open minded, the administration's hypocrisy is astonishing.
The International School of Americas gave me an amazing high school experience that I personally would never trade. This school has taught me compassion, collaboration, how to be proactive and success. The school is a loving environment filled with diverse people. This school knows nothing of a traditional classroom setting
Going to school here has been a truly unique experience. With the out-of-state field trips we take every year and unique projects we do, you'll never find any other school like this. The classroom environment- teachers and students- are extremely welcoming and laid-back. With our foreign exchange students that come from different countries every year and our global curriculum, I will never forget the memories I made here and everything I learned about the world.
My experience at the International School of the Americas was a great one filled with countless opportunities to grow and succeed in many different areas of life. By their unique curriculum and tuned in teachers, ISA provides a learning experience like no other.
I️ am currently a junior at the International School of the America’s. Each grade has a theme. Sophomore years theme was advocating for disappearing cultures. Junior year is civil rights and social injustices. Senior year is local injustices & legislation. Each year, each grade takes a class trip to a different state that correlates to their theme. Since I️ am a junior, I️ just returned from the Alabama Civil Rights trip. We learned about the 1960s & what that decade entailed. Learning about the civil rights movement where it took place versus in our own classroom in Texas made everything 10 times more impactful & meaningful because it allowed us to hear from primary sources & first hand witnesses whereas learning in a classroom would entail learning from a textbook. My experience at the International School of the Americas has been incredible. The teachers are our friends. Everyone is so personable.
The class sizes are small, the teachers are fun and open minded, and the teachers help with the college process!
As a current senior, I don't know where I's be if it weren't for applying to this school. To say that it's given me almost every possible opportunity is an understatement. Everything from the curriculum, to the faculty, and even the student body is supportive, innovative, and creative global citizens. This school has sent me to over 5 different states on numerous trips, as well as around the world. The ISA community may be hard to grasp, but it's supportive and familiar nature is what sets it apart from other school environments. Every teacher, memorable in their own right, genuinely cares for the wellbeing of their students. The community here is unmatched, and I would never regret my decision to attend.
great school for those wanting to experience travel and think globally with multiple perspectives and collaboration
International School of the Americas has given me much more than a high school education. It has me given the real world experience through internships, service, and advocacy projects. I would recommend ISA.
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The teaching staff students and course curriculum is tenaciously vigorous but well worth it in the end as a recent graduate I felt prepared and ready for my future in college
I love the hands on experiences, the class trips, the projects and I especially love how involved the teachers and faculty get with the students!
The teachers took a personel interest in every student. It was like going to a private school without having to pay the high tuition.
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