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International School of Monterey Reviews

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Graduate of this school, attended K-8 grade. Good education, good teachers, nice location. Generally had a good experience here.
All 3 of my children attend and it is a wonderful school with amazing teachers. The curriculum is challenging and is taught organically. The children are not just stuck reading their lessons in a book inside a classroom but are out in the actual environment and taught to work together to understand each topic. The inquiry based learning helps the children to retain the information. They are exposed to working as a team, public speaking starting in K and problem solving all which are crucial 'real life' lessons. They teach Spanish starting in K and all of my children are now bi-lingual. Great school.
I graduated in 2014, when the school was just beginning to convert to an IB school. The lower grade teachers are great but as the grades get higher, the teaching quality begins to fall apart. There are some unnecessary classes and some of the teachers are way outdated.
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The school was ok. The education was great helped me prepare for high school. Did not like the principal and some of the teachers were awful. Never felt like I really ever fit in or that anyone ever cared about me.
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