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International School of Los Angeles - Los Feliz Reviews

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Fabulous school!!! Great teachers and school spirit. Enjoy the camaraderie but mostly the academics. Top school in California.
Excellent teachers. Great learning environment. You get a real global bilingual education. Excellent Academics. Kids are prepared to serve the global communities.
Amazing school. Highly qualified teachers, small classes, several campuses. Fantastic preparation for French and International Bac.
Cultural, ethnic and socio-economic diversity.
I would highly recommend this rigorous academic school.
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As a parent of a student who attended pre-K thru 5th grade (Los Feliz Campus), I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful campus and school, which we loved so much we continue now at their Burbank campus (6 - 12 grade).
LILA offers a bilingual French-International education, with the choice of taking the French Baccalaureate or the International Baccalaureate, creating a very rigorous, demanding, and global curriculum. It is a very small school, with a little over 300 students. As a current IB student myself, I think this school does a lot to prepare you for the globalized society we're living in today. However, you should note that this school only offers AP EXAMS, not COURSES. The education is very Eurocentric. If you don't speak French at home, take the IB. Otherwise, if you're a French citizen, you might as well take the FB
During my time at the International School of Los Angeles, I have felt many mixed emotions. Although, I have been able to make certain connections with teachers in order to strive academically, there is an ongoing rotation of new teachers disallowing consistent knowledge acquisition from the students.
I transferred to the Lycee International Burbank Campus after 2 years in a public high school. I immediately made friends and acclimated to the new environment. I often feel academically advanced compared to my peers, especially in maths and science. The school places more emphasis on the arts, but is trying to put more focus on the IB program in general. My main reason for transferring to the school is that it is one of the few that offers the International Baccalaureate program.
I think teachers are really motivated and do all they can to motivate and encourage students to do even better.
There aren't a large amount of sports offered at my school but the sports that are offered interest many students. I am not part of a sport's team at my school but I believe the players are good and the teams are strong
There are many extracurricular activities at my school. I joined a the BAND of the school as a singer and I love it! I think it's super fun! It's free! The director of the band is a professional and is very nice
A school nurse is always present and we regularly have drills such as earthquake drills, fire drills and lock-down drills in order to be prepared in case of an emergency. Additionally, the American Red Cross came to our school in the context of an earthquake awareness and preparedness day. They exposed to possible risks of a very strong earthquake and taught us ways to be prepared. We also have surveillances cameras and locks on the classroom doors. Also, all the visitors must be signed-in. I believe my school is great in terms of security and health
To enter the school, you have to be able to speak or understand French, meaning most students are French, if not Belgium, Canadian, German, Swedish... In other words, a majority of white Caucasians.
I am Korean-American, so attending a French-American school that also starts to teach Spanish in 6th is very challenging.
No shorts shorter than arm's length. I've seen grown men who do not qualify for that rule.
I've been attending this same school since I was in kindergarten, so everyone here is like family too me. I absolutely love all of my classmates, as our classes are so small and we have all our classes together; meaning we see each other all day, everyday. That is where things take a turn for the worse, our school is very small and consists of grades from preschool all the way to twelfth grade, many students only know a couple dozen people for their entire school life before they graduate and head off to college. Why don't students transfer to other schools if there is so little diversity?One, we are a french-american private school, meaning that we follow the french educational system making it hard for future transfers to other schools, also many of our students come from Europe not knowing how to speak English, so they continue to attend our school. I do not hate my school, to me it is a second home, there are just some things that wish to change about it.
School facilities are good. The college counselor is available whenever needed. There is a strong sense of community with a lot of involvement from parents and staff.
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