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Having the SLCs available for students to choose is life-changing. I got to spend my high school years focusing on what I truly enjoyed, and I am a better person for it. ISC was a fantastic high school experience (houses were great!) and I am deeply saddened to hear that the SLC system is changing.
Overall the experience in this school was what made me into who i am today. The environment and staff teach you to be outgoing and take risks. They also teach you the necessary soft skills that you need to get by in the real world and treat you like an adult.
This school is amazing, I learned souch while also making new friends, I graduated in 2016 and wish to go back everyday. This school makes you feel like you belong and everyone is nice to each other. During lunch there is usually an activity to do that let's everyone get involved and makes people come out of their shell. The teachers treat you like you were their own kid, they care about education and also YOU! I recommend this school to anyone who wants to stand out and be someone.
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My freshman year i felt like there were many options when it came to choosing classes. Each year after however, there seems to be less classes to choose from. Student don't have much to choose from anymore and class sizes have grown to be bigger than they should be because of it.
Everyone at this school is very accepting and thats why i love it so much. The people here accept others for who they are. There are no "groups" like in other high schools. Everyone is friends and gets a long good for the most part.
I feel as though there are many different opportunities for student to be involves after school. we offer many different clubs and sports that keep student busy and involved. we even have our own garden that we use to help the food bank. The garden always has a lot of volunteers and is a great place for students to stay connected.
The school i go to is very unique compared to the other schools out there. Everyone in the building is like family, we all know each other and work together on projects and school spirit activities. I would not change the fact that i went to this school. Going to school in a place that makes me feel welcome is what pushes me to do great and work hard to get to where i want to be in life.
The teachers at this school generally have a good relationship with their students.I feel as though most are friendly and care about students. While their are a few teachers whose teaching style i don't agree with and don't feel like i learned much from them, most of the teachers i can say i have learned from. The teachers at this school have taught me the all the smarts i need as well as life lessons t know before i go out on my own.
Clubs at my school are not well advertised. There are a lot of clubs but I feel like they aren't well known. There should be more advertisement and encouragement to welcome students to these clubs. I was part of Model UN and was one of the first people to join. Unfortunately not many people attended because it wasn't a well known club. I think some of these clubs are great opportunities for students to be more involved in school and have something to entertain them for a couple days a week.
Coming into this school year as a senior and thinking "Wow time has flew by," I have always ask myself if ISC was the school for me. 3 years later and I can full-heartedly say this was the best choice for me. Of course with every school there will be the ups and downs but in the end, the good outweighs the bad. I remember coming into the ISC my freshman year and having a blast! One of my all time favorite memories is when we had the sorting assembly! The entire school entered the gym and all the freshman were separated into different house systems and then we all competed against each other with dance offs and song battles. Another thing I noticed was everyone, especially the upperclassmen were very welcoming. They helped us with anything needed. As I come into the school year as a senior, I also want to assure the freshman to not worry and let them know they have someone who can mentor them along the way. If I were to be sitting in the same chair during language Arts in 8th grade, choosing which school to attend, I would once again choose the ISC. I've created amazing bonds with amazing people and amazing teachers.
The International School of Communications (ISC) relationships between the teachers and students is absolutely incredible. Our schools stands out for the reason being that teachers allow their students to lead and figure things out on their own. Teachers challenge students to solve problems and allow them to risk spectacularly. I would say the ISC is very student lead. The teachers use a real-world grading rubric that make students work harder to excel not only in the classroom but out in the real world. I would say most teachers like to keep grades updated. ISC is a very welcoming school that has a home-like feeling. I can say everyone feels comfortable to approach teachers. It's like a family.
We have many opportunities, but lack participation
The teachers are always there to help and be there.
The security hands are a little strict but pretty nice.
Many of the parents that choose to get involved are great. They care about all the students not just their own.
The majority of teachers go way above and beyond normal expectations. They truly care and are really involved.
Bullying is one big topic that the ISC doesn't tolerate. Every year, the first month of the school year, everyone gets a lesson a bullying and how it's wrong. We interact with each other about it, tell stories, our thoughts. Bullying is not a problem in my school because of the role models that the upper classmen rep for the younger classmen.
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Went to key club a few times. They have a lot for students to do
A good handful of them are very knowledgeable, they are interested in your comments and take them into consideration. They help me when I am struggling, and push me to do my best. Now, not all of these teachers do that for every student. Sometimes letting me figure out the answers-doesn't work. Of course, a lot of schools make students do a certain style of teaching a certain way, but if kids know a different way that works- they should let kids do it their way. If it works, it works. There's not a lot about the teacher's that I don't like. The teachers that I have had do an amazing job at teaching their students; they have helped me overcome my fears and furthered my schooling career more than ever. I have learned not just the things we need to know about writing, math, science, etc. they have taught us about life and the real world. Things that other teachers just across the street won't teach their kids because it's not part of the curriculum.
The students at school ethnically diverse and are very accepting.
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