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International School of Broward Reviews

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The school started out well but has gone down over the years, poor organisation, not enough focus on the English track students. There are some good teachers who are willing to go the extra mile, by resources are limited.
It was a good school but it just needed work. I will say that their french program was really good and actually helped me a lot in college. It was so challenging that when i got to college everything seemed much easier.
The school's facility wasn't up to par but you meet great people. Each teachers difficulty differed. I did feel as if they gave out detentions for no reason and so teachers were very disorganized. During my year the campus was pretty calm. There is no security; there was one coach that acted like security but I don't really think it was his job. The school has a French track, where the subjects are taught in French. I think this augments the diversity of the school because you get to meet foreign people and get a taste of their world. There were no field trips but there were foreign exchange programs. Lastly not many club very few electives.
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This school is a good school. their curriculum is well arranged and the level they expect their students to achieve is usually very high. The school itself location wise is not the best. If they changed locations it would be better off.
My mother love this school because we have to sports
Generally , the teacher is ready to help the students.

Some times the students don't want to do the homeworks.
Despite the fact that we are a small school made up of roughly 250 students, our most popular club (SGA) holds weekly events to keep students engaged with others outside of the classroom through fun interactive activities such as game night, movie night, formal and casual dances (ex: homecoming, Halloween dance), seasonal events (Halloween haunted house), sports games, cookouts, spirit week activities and games, and bake sales.
There is no bullying policy and we did not have a school nurse.
It was not he best it was just okay and I think many students who attended that school would agree with me.
It is okay however, i feel like at times they suspended students for anything.
When i attended the school there was not a fitness room or program.
The teachers were great they took the time to help students especially Mr. Kisel
There was not organizations nor clubs however, it is a very good high school.
It was okay. Graduation happened during a flood day but we all survived and graduated.
Since the school is so small, the teachers actually take the time to get to know each and every one of their students. It's great because they know what they're struggling with and how to help them with it.
There aren't many sports other than soccer and basketball (super great teams btw), but the spirit committee and SGA are super involved and they always have a new event for school.
Only had a few incidents.
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There was once green bugs in the bread.
Not a lot of diversity in programs.
Although it is small and poverished, this school helped me become the responsible and intelligent person I am today.
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