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Our 9 year old daughter is starting her 7th year at ISB (she started in Nursery at age 3!) We continue to be amazed at the fluency of her French and her stellar pronunciation, especially for someone who does not have a native speaking parent. She has been super excited to go to school every day, has loved and cherished all of her excellent teachers, and made great friends across grade levels and language groups. We have found that the dual language approach has only made her more hungry for reading and understanding how language works. As teachers ourselves, we have found ISB's financial aid process to be supportive and fair, and as residents of a Central Brooklyn neighborhood, we've found their school bus option and afterschool programs to be tremendously helpful. ISB is a wonderful, diverse community of educators and families and we highly recommend it for expanding your child's intellectual horizons.
- Mik Larson
My daughter has been attending the French program at International School of Brooklyn (ISB) for 5 years. She loves her school! She is always looking forward to go to school not only to see her friends but also to learn new things.

As a parent, I think that the teachers are very attentive to the needs of each child and often communicate with parents. Kids are taught in a target language (French or Spanish) and English which makes the program comprehensive. However the teachers make it seem effortless.

In addition to the academics, I have noticed that ISB also develop a positive attitude towards news things: my daughter and her friends are very curious about new things and accepting of things being different than what they do at home. Both the students and teachers at ISB come from various countries and background.

My favorite thing at ISB is however the community. I am always impressed at the number of interesting and committed people I have met through the school.
We believed it was important to offer our children a bilingual education given the languages spoken in our home and our children have truly had an exceptional experience at ISB. The level of education in the target language sets ISB apart from other bilingual programs. In addition to the bilingual education, the school's curriculum and its focus on units of inquiry provides students with an opportunity to learn about subjects in an interdisciplinary way. Beyond the school's curriculum, the teachers and administration themselves demonstrate on a daily basis a real engagement with the students and their commitment to education. The diversity of the student body and the engagement of parents in the school further create a rich school culture and strong sense of community.
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ISB has been instrumental in helping us raise our children to be not only bilingual, but also bi-cultural. Aside from offering an immersion program we really value how children are taught through inquiry, where asking questions and finding answers is key to the learning process, more than simply being presented with facts. ISB has taught our children to become global citizens who are open-minded and appreciate other cultures and backgrounds. ISB’s strong sense of community is another factor we appreciate and we feel very fortunate to be a part of. We know from first hand experience that ISB will allow our children to continue to be inquires and independent thinkers as well as caring and thoughtful world citizens!
The school has been a gift and one of the major reasons why we stayed in New York. The academics are strong, and the advertised bilingualism is a reality. We wanted a bilingual education for our kids as we are a multi language household. But beyond those, we found that the school somehow managed to educate "good" kids. They care for each other, there is none of the pettiness that many of our friends describe at some middle schools in particular. The school also works on diversity, in a way that is truly inclusionary and binds the kids together. Finally, we have loved the community of parents, who have become the center of our social life. We love the school.
Our primary reason for enrolling our son in ISB was to give him the gift of bilingualism. We were pleasantly surprised to discover the benefits of the IB curriculum, which we were unfamiliar with prior to our son's enrollment. ISB is teaching our son to be a critical/analytical thinker. It is just amazing to watch him ask questions about the things that interest him and formulate conclusions based on his observations of his surroundings. This past year I had the opportunity to visit my son's class and observe show-and-tell. I expected the normal show-and-tell, but was surprisingly shocked to see each kid actually present their items and then take questions from classmates regarding the item. I have never seen 5 year olds so confident and comfortable talking in front of their teachers and peers and asking such insightful questions. I definitely think that ISB is an amazing school and does a great job of educating its students.
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