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The best thing (academically) about ISB is that the classes are tiny. This means that teachers get to know students really well and are very accessible. Teachers are happy to meet students outside of class or office hours and often do so. At ISB I’ve had amazing teachers as well as mediocre ones. All the language teachers are amazing but the math department has room for improvement.
When I went to ISB the math and english department were always so slow at teaching the material! I often felt bored and wasn't being pushed to my full potential. The work load is close to none. The teachers actually cared about you except taught too slowly in my opinion.
The International School is a small school that helps me get the education I need and want. The classes are small, so the teachers are able to focus on you, and you become close to everyone. One thing I wish would change would be the diversity. Not many people of color are at the school, whether it be students or faculty. But other than that, it is a loving environment.
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The International School of Boston is very academically-oriented, which has its pros and cons. This means the teachers are very engaging and push the students to fulfill their full potential, yet the school lacks extracurriculars and clubs including athletics, and in turn school spirit. Overall, ISB is a great place for college readiness and for those favoring small, tight-knit classes.
As an international school, we have teachers from the US and France, and other countries. They bring their diversity to ISB and the students benefit.
My children have been attending ISB for 13 years and we have loved the experience. The academics are very challenging in the upper grades, but most teachers truly care about their students' success and well-being. Most families don't have relatives nearby and create a new family at ISB. Some expats stay 2 or 3 years only but other students start in pre-K and stay all the way to 12th grade. We see them grow and get to know the parents quite well. There is no doubt that the school is a 2nd home for my children.
The school conducts regular safety drills to ensure all students can leave the building in a timely manner. They host various programs for teenagers, including some on drugs, alcohol and sex.
The school has a guidance counselor for the well-being of the middle school and upper school students, as well as a college counselor. The dress code is easy-going, as long as students wear clothes that are not offensive.
The Cambridge building, which houses grades 1-12, has benefited from extensive renovations in the last few years: new science lab, new library, new classrooms, refurbished hallways, etc. The school is constantly updating the facilities. The parents are very involved. They organize many events and fundraising activities to create a sense of community.
The school offers many options for after-school activities in Maternelle and Lower School, in French or English. There are fewer options in Middle School and Upper School but the offer has grown quite a bit in recent years.
could use some more work
i don't think my high school made a dramatic difference in my post-graduate outcome
It taught me a lot but wasn't the right school for me.