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International School of Beaverton - High School Reviews

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It was a difficult stressful experience going to one of the top schools in the US and 2nd best in oregon. The experiences certainly outweighed the workload reccomended for students looking for a challenge
It was a school filled with dedicated teachers, but who were underfunded and overworked. The curriculum was challenging, but (mostly) interesting. I would have liked to see our school district properly fund our school, but this was no fault of the school.
Overall the school was very good at prepping students for higher education. However the amount of pressure the school puts on it's students in terms of course work makes it difficult for students to find time to explore other interests they may have. Additionally, the school doesn't have strong ways for students who may not feel good about their STEM skills to pursue other curriculum where they could do better (Writing, Music, ect.).
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The school has very good teachers that will prepare you for the IB tests and college really well. It is a bit small with some funding, but you get to know the community really well.
At the International School of Beaverton, the curriculum offered here is very challenging especially when it comes to junior year which is the start of the IB Diploma Program. I have found that a major problem with the school is that the teachers grade at a level even higher than an IB examiner would. Their reasoning behind it is that it would make IB exams and college a lot less challenging but in reality, it drops everyone's GPA and makes it very hard to have a solid GPA to get into more prestigious Ivy league schools. I think that overall, this school has a very high academics level and it does prepare us well for the challenges coming up, but I would love to see the teachers take it a little easier on the grader so that it wouldn't be only that one person who gets a perfect GPA at the end of the semester.
In the year 2018, International School of Beaverton (ISB) is not where it used to be; the school is going down hill.

In my Freshmen year, this one teacher gave students full credit for their assignment even though that student did not have the material at hand.

This other teacher expects students to complete a timed, first-time lab, while the consequences of not doing so is a C.

In my current, Sophomore year, the student council had the 'brilliant' idea of making the bottle-flip challenge as an activity of 'Culture Week'.

The student council, from what I can tell, are arrogant, perplexed kids who are running this school to the ground. The staff are no better; assemblies and such are often unpremeditated.

ISB's ranking has gone down hill too. It was once the number one high school of Oregon.

The school has very challenging courses however; some classes are -from what I heard- more difficult than those of community colleges. A definite 'yes' for college preparation.
ISB pushes you to your full potential. It's a challenging school, but it makes you very prepared for college.
The International School of Beaverton advertises as a top of the art school that focuses on helping students achieve the top education in the state. While that may be the case to an extent, the teachers are not good teachers and do not consider the students' mental wellbeing by assigning multiple assignments at the same time.
I like the academic, college-readiness atmosphere, but the facilities could be improved - half of our school, which includes most of the high school classes, are located in permanently residing portables that could be updated into an actual building.
I like how small of a community it was, and how great some of the teachers are. You truly get to know everyone there and there is a real sense of community, and you bond with your classmates a lot. The curriculum is very rigorous, but that means the majority of the students are intelligent and have ambition, which is a good atmosphere for learning.
ISB is a wonderful community but academically intensive. The small class numbers allow for a tight knit community to form and the teachers are extremely helpful and only have the best interest at heart.
I can't begin to tell anyone how much I didn't like this school. It gave WAY too much homework which jeopardized my time with my family and I can't sum up how many of the teachers made me feel excluded and frustrated. I would NOT recommend this school too anyone.
I love almost everything about this school. It is challenging, diverse, quirky, unique, and accepting. I get an education I don't think I would at any other high school.
The one thing I would change is the variety of courses offered, and the absence of sports teams.
ISB is definitely not for everyone. Students who receive straight As are highly motivated and have an endless capacity to churn out assignment after another. ISB is great for character building. While you might not be the "top of the class" in this challenging IB Diploma Program school, you graduate with a much better understanding of yourself: how you deal with heavy workloads, stress, and various styles of exams - written, multiple choice, and verbal. ISB stresses a global mindset, particularly in History classes you will consider current events which is great. The English program is top notch. It empowers you with quality writing skills that you'll need to survive college. One weakness is our STEM department. Since it is taught by newer teachers, some competent in IB and others not so much, I'd caution any prospective students about this. Nevertheless, my future plans are in the STEM field so don't let this detract from ISB's appeal as a strong college preparatory school.
Fantastic School. Ranked 1st in state and in the top 30 in the USA. Great teachers with small class sizes.
Going to the International School of Beaverton is a great experience, primarily due to the academics of the school. The curriculum provides a challenge that other district high schools are unable to provide. While the school has proven itself to be stressful due to the expectation and workload, it will be beneficial in the future because it prepares students for college. If you or your student wants a rigorous high school or middle school experience, then consider applying for ISB.
The International School of Beaverton offers a very high-level academic atmosphere that will prepare students better than most other schools for college.
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As the top school in Oregon, ISB definitely does live up to a high academic standard. With the workload, the teachers, and IB curriculum, students are well prepared to enter college and leave the school with study habits that'll last a lifetime.
Many clubs at this school but most are just the typical ones. Not many unique clubs and it is hard to start one while also sustain it. Most clubs require a high level of commitment.
This school is unique in the set courses it offers, making it possible to graduate with the IB Diploma. This structure allows the teachers to best address student needs and also encourages students who are willing to work hard.
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