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Is a very good school , the teachears are the best and the staff helps you . The food is average , it can be better as well they can have more clubs . The cooking club should continue and be helped , I personally loved is just so awesome.Give it a change . They have such smart students in which many colleges should get intered and also as any school the bad kids also can get help.
I really enjoy my time in ISLA. I’ve been in the schook since I was in 6th grade, they accepted me with open arms when I first came to the country, knowing no English, they all tried to help to put imme in the right classes to learn the language as soon as I could. When I was in High School in ISLA, I was so happy because I knew I had great door opportunities open for me in that school, teachers always worried if I was doing good in their and other classes, always gave me and other students great advices for a brighter future. Counselors always worried that we were taking the rught classes in order to graduate on time and go further than our own limits to achive great tjings in life.
I like everything about ISLA, the staff,the way I learn,the way I learn teachers make it fun . Only thing I would change is to have a better boys bathroom .
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What i like of isla is the people, when you arrive you feel like you are part of the family because they are cool when you arrive the first time
What I enjoyed the most while attending here, was the baseball team even though, we were all from different schools we bonded and were able to have 4 successful years making it into the playoffs.
In my school everyone has their own talent. We love sing and dance, you probably can see that in our walkways. I.S.L.A. is the home of miles kids who come to this country for the first time and gel them to adapt well. Everything is cover with many colors because this is what we are: different but in the same time we are together.
this school sis the worse i don't like things . like drugs codon and others. that' that terrible thing i seen in my life
This High School deserve a high reputation!! The teacher are the best you can find in the earth. They understand you and help you to success. As international school, bilingual language is the most influence to hispanic community. I hope the New York Deparment of Education see the achievement this school do for us and give more to opportunity that ISLA can continue do big things.
At this High School I made alot of my teenage memories. Since it's a bilingual school, is ideal for those students that speak spanish and english. But I would like that this High School added more AP classes and more teachers so each student can get more time to understand each subject.
There is only one thing to say, everything is available if a person does not graduate with the core requirements or at least with honors is because they do not want.
There are a lot of trips and some opportunities but sometimes they need to understand that most of the students are not economically available for this kind of trips and there are not clubs at all.
Parents at ISLA care about the students and the staff of the school , most of them are really good examples to the children the only bad thing is that sometimes they do not put enough pressure on their kids and they end up being not so great.
The teachers at ISLA are the best teachers you culd get, they help you out and they care about you and about helping you to become the adult you need to be. When I came to USA they helped me a lot and thanks to most of them I got to learn english how i'm supposed to and to keep going and not get stuck like most of the people when they come from another country. I can only say, Thank you ISLA.
Some of the stuff i like in my school is that theres always an opportunitty to get help. They celebrate yours achievement and help you get into them. Encourage all students. Use outside world examples. They all honest & celebrate our hispanic culture.
Teachers try to get uninvolved students. Make alot of presentations for a path to college. Take his time & Explain severals time until students understand. Always there to help you with hw
The teachers are excellent. They always offer to help on anything you need. Weather it is to use the computer or explain something you did not understand in the class. There teaching skills are very impressive. Everyone learns something each and every day. We feel very lucky to have teacher with such passion everyday to come and teach us new things.
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