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Students are together from 6th through 12th grade which creates a great sense of community among peers. The curriculum is very rigorous, but students can receive all the support they need to succeed if they are willing to seek it out. The downside is that the school lacks organized high school sports, but most students are in shape due to the intense PE program. Students are competitive by nature, but collaboration is an integral part of the curriculum.
The International School is a great school, and has many unique qualities and benefits in comparison to going to a typical high school.
It is a smaller school, which means a better learning environment, but also means less student involvement in activities and school spirit.
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The people were not great, and the teachers were hit and miss. The facility is tiny, the cafeteria isn't great, and the cookies used to be okay until the switched them out for gross grainy ones. I left IS for Interlake, one of the best decisions ive made thus far.
The International School of Bellevue is a mixed experience for many. The stress is incredible; the homework increases with each semester, and you are forced to take AP courses. That being said, some of the best years of my life have been at I.S. The relationships I have formed with my teachers, faculty, and friends have been amazing. Over the years, I believe the school is changing very rapidly, especially with the administrative change. I am not sure how these changes will affect I.S. in the long term - but I remain hopeful that the tenets upheld by the founding members will be valued and respected for the years to come. I.S. is only 26 years old, and I hope I will be able to still look back fondly at my time here.
A great school with small class sizes and very individual attention. Grades 6-12. Admitted by lottery within the school district.
The teachers here are so involved in their students' academic lives. They genuinely care about each student and it's not hard to remember them going out of their way to help us. They often give up their weekends to hold study sessions or stay after school for hours in tutorial. The coursework is extremely rigorous and sometimes unbearable. It just mercilessly increases as you go up a grade (including senior year), but I've learned A LOT and I'm so grateful looking back.
There are strange rules about leadership in clubs, and the organization by the executive branch is confusing.
I would choose this school again because it is leaving me the most prepared for college out of any available public school.
The teachers in sum are all great. There are a few exceptions that are unfair, overly emotional, and totally unprofessional but the rest of them are great.
It's a small school (~80 students per grade); for my child this is great, but it may not be ideal for all.
The majority of the teachers at International are exceptional. There have been a couple who don't teach the material in a timely manner to ensure the kid's success on tests (providing the material that makes up that majority of the test on the day prior or the day of the test). As for the majority, they are dedicated, care about the individual students, take time to get to know the students and work with them to ensure success in the classroom and encourage it outside of the classroom.
Since this is a lottery school, we would have to be lucky again! The environment is very academic, and also very supportive. The arts are not forgotten, but rather encouraged as a part of the seven subjects for seven years.
The only thing I would add is a second language choice as they just got rid of German and now only offer French. Bring us some Spanish and it would be "the Best".
The guidance counselor and her assistant are terrific in assisting the students in all aspects of academic life. They are particularly good with college prep resources and hold boot camps on Saturdays to aid with applications as well as hosting a handful of meetings for parents.
The administration is very helpful and the school guidance counselor is terrific. The school has not had to enforce too many policies other than the no drinking at dances.
The school has very little in the form of security other than locked doors as the students are not hostile, threatening or destructive. There is no need for police or safety officers and the nurse is available when needed. It is the safest school in the district.
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As there are no sports in the high school, the extracurriculars are during community and there are a wide variety of clubs and organizations with many musical groups.
International School is known best for its rigorous academics, 7 years of core classes and no electives. Elective credit comes from Focus Week.
International School has a strict No-Guns policy. The staff also do not tolerate the usage of drugs and alcohol on/off of campus.
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