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International Preparatory School at Grover Cleveland Reviews

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I-Prep has helped make me who I am. It has made me feel like a part of a community, and has encouraged and fostered my growth within my academics, art, and relationships. The teachers in this school are so wonderful, supportive, and helpful and will always try their hardest to help students who need the help and support they can give. However, Ms. Dunne, the current principal is not good in my opinion. Her style of administration is very hands-off, and she feels distant from the student body. Despite all that, the school still is a very good one, and has a lot to offer any of its antendees.
I love this school I started attending this school sincs i was sophomore it’s really amazing school 🤙🏻❤️❤️❤️
I love how diverse this school is, and it helps others to be more accepting and kind to each other. There will be events where we show others our culture because we take pride in it. International Prep is a fairly strict school that helps decrease fights between the students therefore making it safer as well. The administration is kind, and will talk to you about any problems you might be having so that you'll be able to negotiate with them. It's also a good school if you want to talk to your teachers, and build connections with them. However, parent involvement is not something you see often here so you barely see connections between parents and teachers.
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The teachers and principals we're horrible and never do their jobs right. I hate when the teachers try to get all up in your face and think they all that just because they can do whatever they want. I will hurt every administrator in that school.
International prep is a good school. There's lots of diversity. The techers are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am honestly so happy I was able to attend IPrep. The population is very diverse and all of the students are so helpful and sweet! The teachers and principal are very caring, they all really do want the best for you and try there hardest to help you out. Many of them will be a little tough on you and even offer to stay after school too. It truly makes you feel like family and I just love coming back to visit some of my past teachers.
The safety policies at school are kind of great. The school nurse is very helpful at times. There are cameras almost everywhere, making the students feel safe. Overall I think health & safety policies at school are good.
We have a few, I wish we had more. The few activities we have are great.
Most teachers go out of their way to help us.
They're the best teachers anyone can ever ask for.
This school is very diverse when it comes to diversity. Due to great amount of diversity, I felt more connected with the students because so many of us have common historical background.
While most teachers are doing everything they could to make their students successful, there are some who teach just for money. Some teacher don't even know what they're teaching.
All my teachers are very helpful.
I would say that my overall experience at this school has been positive so far because of the teachers and students, who are very humble and kind. My favorite experience goes back to the first day I entered International Preparatory School as a new student. As a new student, I was very nervous because it was a new school. Thankfully, the students and teachers made me feel comfortable and I felt more at ease. In addition, another characteristic that makes this school very unique is that this school is filled with diversity. Students from different countries attend International Preparatory School, which is evident from the cultural attire they wear on a daily basis. I was able to learn about different culture, and was educated more.
In School detention, it keep kids out of trouble instead of them going home, but people like me don't get in trouble and don't need it.
our teachers do their best to do what they have to do.
we don't have that many functional teams here but the teams that we have like baseball, basketball, and volleyball team are the greatest sports here.
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