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International Polytechnic High School Reviews

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International Polytechnic high school is a good school when it comes to academics and teachers. Being a small school with only 400-500 students, I believe this school is a good option for students who are looking to create a family like connection during high school. Also, people at this school are very accepting of each other which creates a very positive atmosphere every day of the year.
I love this school. I have been attending from 9 -12 grade. The school is on the Cal Poly Pomona campus which offers a lot of resources about college. We have a project based learning system which teaches a lot hands on as well as college programs like duel enrollment. The people are nice and the teachers are very friendly.
IPoly is a wonderful college prep school on Cal Poly Pomona's campus, it's a public school in the LACOE school district in Pomona. You have to test to get in but it's not too rigorous, do make sure to study. The teachers are helpful and since we are a school of only 500 students, they can help a lot. There is no music program and we team up with a nearby Christian school for sports so if you are looking for those programs specifically it's not for you. This school focuses mainly on STEM and it's main goal is getting into college. They do not offer AP classes but, they offer free college courses from Mt.Sac and only $10 per class for Cal Poly classes.
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International Polytechnic high school has a very accepting culture and is very diverse, people come from several different cities to come to this school. At first every feels nervous but the welcoming culture calls for a safe environment.
My experience at Ipoly was pretty average. The school its self is very small with only about 500 students there is not too much to do. Something I would like to see change is the campus community come closer together and also add more exciting events.
My experience at IPoly was life-changing in many ways. I have had several mental breakdowns under the stress and high expectations of my teachers, but I have also learned how to work well with others, manage my time wisely, and push on when times are tough. Sure, this school is not perfect. Some of the teachers would rather assign useless work rather than actually teach us. But some teachers have changed my life and inspired me to improve my attitude towards education.
I think that iPoly is a good school to go to if you want to get out of your comfort zone. It can help you become a better speaker. I just feel like the curriculum could be a bit more invigorating.
International Polytechnic High School is mostly a project based school. They offer dual enrollment with Mt.SAC for free which allows the students to take college classes such as English 1A and it would count towards their college credit. It is a small school so you are able to know almost everyone and keep a good relationship with the teachers.
I poly had moments that put high amounts of stress. The school and faculty will make you work hard to prepare you for the challenges of post secondary education. In the end you will be glad you went through such rigor when you rise above your peers in college.
International Polytechnic High School (also known as I-poly high school) is a college prep school that allows students a glimpse in a life of a college student. This high school is very different from other high schools as the majority of the work is group based meaning that everything you do, you do as a group. Not only does this high school focus on group based work but, it also teaches you presentation and social skills which is very important once you graduate from high school. Overall, this school is not like any public schools around and the kids are super intelligent.
International Polytechnic High School is an amazing school for anyone that is serious about his or her education.

The institution of learning provides students with a challenging project-based curriculum that is sure to prepare anyone that is willing to go through it. The school is STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) based, so, with the exception of the drama elective, it is very little in terms of high arts. The project-based curriculum, supplemented by the amazing facilities, helps prepare students to tackle problems in the real world.

Overall, This school is a great school for anyone that is taking a true interest in his or her education and searching for a successful career in a STEM field.
This is a college prep, project based school and it has really helped me over the past years. I have become more confident in how I present and I have obtained more patience. Going to this school has proved me with the necessary tools I know I will need in real life. You may also take actual college courses while attending this school. I have earned 7 college credits already in my time here.
I have been at International Polytechnic High school for two years now and it is just amazing. First of all, it's a small school with only about five hundred students that come from all over the place. On top of that it is a project based learning school and it prepares us for life basically meanwhile teaching what needs to be taught. As I previously stated students from all over attend at IPoly so there's diversity and you practically know everyone. I wouldn't want to change a thing.
Most high schools structure their curriculums around improving the students' test scores, with little focus on applied learning or college preparation. International Polytechnic High School focuses on putting students in a college-like setting, teaching them to apply the knowledge learned through individual and group projects. Throughout my years at IPoly, I have completed many group projects, all of which have tested time management and application of knowledge. Most of the projects require outside research, and time schedules often need to be adjusted for work outside of school hours.
This shcool gives good opportunity but for the sake of your sanity. The administration is unfair always beliving the accuser to be true causing a lot of problems with the regulations, not to mention the heavy drug problem that the school seems to ignore, there are students who were literally snorting cocaine in the bathrooms in the school. Lastly the students themselves who are incredibly self entitled and make the school even worse than it already is. Overall this school was a very bad experience.
Personally, as a highly academic student I enjoy my high school as the teachers are wonderful and work closely with the students in order to help them reach success. But, there are no music programs and the arts are very limited. In addition, people that play sports are often discouraged from coming to IPOLY because we play sports at Southlands Christian School not at our own school because our facilities are primarily used by Cal Poly teams.
I am happy that I was able to spend my high school career at IPoly. The small size of the school allows teachers to connect with the student more, which creates a very nice friendly environment. The small size also means that it is easy to find friends and people you share interests with. This school offers a lot of resources, especially through college courses, that help students live up to their full potential. However, the small size also means that there isn't as much school spirit in comparison to other schools simply because of the lack of students.
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International Polytechnic High School is a great school if you love to do projects either with other people or on your own. This is a project based school and thus a major portion of your grade will factor all of the projects throughout your year. Something i would change is the lack of sports program at our school seeing as how we have access to Cal Poly and yet we have to drive to another city for practices every day.
IPoly is a unique school that offers a different take on learning through projects. The smaller environment allows teachers to help students more and welcome incoming students into a family environment. Throughout my years here, I have always felt like I was learning something new every day in a comfortable environment.
The people there are nice but the office staff/ counselors aren't too great at their jobs. They don't really help you advance in your academic career and all they really care about is keeping up their good reputation.
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