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International Polytechnic High School Reviews

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Ipoly sets you for reality, they prepare you for what students will face in college. Teachers are amazing, they are caring and dedicated to every single student. Everyone gives a sense of welcome and the diversity unites everyone like a family. Even though the classes are challenging it is so worth it because once the students reach college, every class is a piece of cake.
The teachers want you to succeed and classes are pretty fun. As juniors or seniors we can take classes for free with Dual enrollment with Mt. Sac where professors come to our school to teach classes or we can take classes at Cal Poly Pomona for 10 dollars. we have access to almost all of CalPoly Pomona's facilities which includes the gym, fields, and food courts.
Being part of the International Polytechnic High School community has allowed me to provide self growth from things I would have never imagined doing such as acting, presenting in a room of 144 students, and attending college classes. Through the different teaching styles of critical thinking tasks I have found myself motivated to not let fear take over but to persevere on as I am tasked with more challenging curricular. Personally, what I like about International Polytechnic High School is the community and how everyone works as one through assigned group projects to either make a student produced film or play. What I would like to see change is the fact that there needs to be more communication between admin and the students because often times there are things that are misinterpreted because of the lack of communication. Overall, I'd say that it's a decent school but it has it's pros and its cons unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros.
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My experience at International Polytechnic High School was amazing, fun, and fullfilling. Lots of great memories were built in that school and everyone was always involved. It truelt felt like a unique school with the amount of positive energy in the building. An improvement would be administration's involvement with helping students for college and leading students to the right direction without dropping their confidence. Its good to understand that you should go above and beyond but students who struggle a little more than others shouldn't live wuth the fear that they won't succeed.
I think this school offers a lot more opportunities than other high schools and better sets you up for college.
There are many things that ipoly has to offer. Many group projects that can help improve your communication skills which are very important and also networking because that is very important in the real world. Something that also that’s makes is a safe and great learning place are the teachers. There is such a warm feeling you get from them and they really care about our futures. They don’t baby us they just see more potential in us and motivate us. Senior is where it gets real but throughout the 4 years of being there the techers help u learn more about yourself and experience things. Helps you figure out what you wnat to do in the future.
the school helps push me to be a better individual I was by giving my work that will benefit me in college.
Ipoly is a wonderful way for students to get their high school diploma and start earning college credit as well. There is only one teacher per grade level subject so if your student and the teacher don't see eye to eye there is know where to move them. But I love, as a Jr. your schedule is set up so you can start to take classes at Cal Poly Pomona. It's a great way to go to school.
I-poly is a very student led school and it definitely helps you improve communication and presentation skills, and it also encourages you to mature and do things for yourself since students are allowed to take college classes their junior and senior year, and can freely go to the CalPoly campus during lunch period. There are not that many great elective options to be honest, but there are many clubs students can join and there’s definitely a place for everyone.
Really great atmosphere! As a soon to be junior I can honestly and truthfully say that the teachers really do care about their students. Classes are engaging and all around enjoyable. Though the later is true, this school is most definitely not for everyone. It is entirely project based, meaning that you will almost always be tasked with working alongside others. Groups are rarely chosen by the students, and are almost always designed to push students both academically and socially. In addition, iPoly provides many programs designed for students who wish to begin taking official college courses prior to graduation. Truthfully the only downside is the lack of sports. Though iPoly does not have any sports teams, it does have plenty of engaging clubs and electives, such as drama and dance. All in all, iPoly is pretty great!
It's a great school that teaches you educational skills for a future in college and life skills, such as applying for jobs and internships, for your general future. It's an involved school that immerses you in group-based learning and keeps you well informed about the occurrences in the world and more.
The school was very good at preparing the students for the future, exposing them to group work that allowed for the development of communication and leadership skills. The most important thing is to take advantage of the young scholars program. Without it, there is no point in going.
I-Poly is a great school for group work and presentation skills; because of that focus and workload all four years of high school, I've been able to hone those abilities. It has changed very much since I graduated in 2014 and has essentially removed what made the heart of the school and the culminating senior year: the quintessential senior project. Many of the aspects that had once made it a "different" school has been stripped away and become unfamiliar. Also, it is boasted to be a "college prep" school, but it is very much not as there are no AP or IB courses offered nor are there advanced math classes available outside of electives.
IPoly High School was a relatively positive school to attend to as many of the projects the teacher have us run through and do prepare us for the rigorous work of college.
International Poly Pomona most definitely prepared me for college, but also for the workforce. I feel confident in my abilities to work along side peers and colleagues.
International Polytechnic Hoagy school aka (Iploy) is an great school. Ipoly is very welcoming and diverse. There are so much that are open to the students socially and acedemically. You’re inteoduced to many subject like ecology, neuroscience and more. The teachers also help students. I think I what I’d like to see change is gaining a sports team and having one of our own. Also having more elective options
It's a very good school because it allows students to be prepared for college, and plus, it's free. I've been in IPoly for nearly 3 years, and my experience has been more enjoyable each year round. The school it mainly project based because most of your grade relies on projects, but it's also a team building type of school because most of the projects are group based.
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It took almost a year to get used to such a small school since I had to transition from going to a pretty big high school. After meeting the right people it makes the school pretty great.
Despite IPoly High School being such a small school, it offers it students a great education and safe environment that ensures the best for all who attend. The system is project-based which means that there's a lot of team/group work involved, side-by-side with presenting to peers. This school prepares its students for the harsh reality of the adult-world and it sometimes serves as a reality-check in which one experiences during their time there. Along with that note, one also gets prepared for college. The unique thing about IPoly is that once you're a junior/senior, those students are eligible to take college courses for a low-payment at Cal Poly or Mount Sac. which is close to the campus. This basically makes up for the lack of having no AP courses which I would have preferred that this school had. Overall, IPoly is the one of the greatest high schools filled with highly smart intellectuals that seek greatness in their lives.
I thought my experience in this highschool wouldnt' have a large impact on me but to my surprise, I created many memories through out the years. IPoly is a great place filled diversity and accepatnce. I know some students who really feel open here which is amazing to see. I feel like the school does a good job in preparing their students to graduate and go to College.
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