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International Leadership of Texas (Ilt) Reviews

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I have two children that have attended both public and public charters schools and this school by far is the absolute worst. Administration is unprofessional and the teachers are inexperienced to say the least. I agree that the is school ran more like a prison. This is the Lancaster Campus, kids are recruited from different areas of Dallas and bring very bad habits.
I do not recommend this campus to anymore, they will win you over with their mission but they do not live up to it! And the campus is not diverse.
I used to go to a better school in Frisco, Texas. I think this school does not live up to my expectations. It's more like a prison than it is a school really, there is nothing showing student expression at all, even the posters on the wall have to be "ILT approved", so do our jackets. Even if we bought them from the ILT store, we weren't allowed to wear them unless we removed our hoodies from them. Every day it seemed like they were making up new ridiculous rules just to have an excuse to punish you. Do not send your children to this prison that they call a school.
International Leadership of Texas was a good school overall. It did not give me the high school experience that I was expecting But it was a small school which build my character and helped me grow. The high school offers classes like Chinese and Spanish which give students the opportunity to experience other languages that are well known in the word. It also gives the international experience by letting students take trips to go to spain, Costa Rica, or China. Every year a handful of students participate in this trips and get to learn new things outside the United States. The school also gives the students opportunities to participate in events like WE day, STEM competitions between other schools in the district. Although the school comes with good things, It also comes with things they can improve on. My one concern is the dual credit experience, the school should look into this program and expand it for the students. They should help students with classes and also other needs.
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ilt is really good at academics and everything else. what i want to see change would be the food. the teachers are awesome and also students should be able to wear comfortable clothes to school.
I was given the great opportunity to expand my learning at ILT where I participated in many after school clubs and sport activities, ILT provides well enough for any ambitious student for wants to excel among your peers while in a friendly atmosphere based on the school's core values of leadership and others before self.
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