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International Leadership of Texas Arlington - Grand Prairie High School Reviews

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I joined the school a little over two years ago as a 2nd semester sophomore. The school has opened up many opportunities that I did not receive at my previous school. It didn't take long for me to join the many activities they offered. I am now a senior getting ready to graduate in the next 6 months. I have had a wonderful and grateful journey with this school. The teachers are amazing because they actually want you to succeed so, they help you along your high-school journey. There have this one teacher in the science department who literally has a classroom full of animal, insect, etc that you would like to see
I liked that I boned with most of my classmates; due to us being a small class, we felt like family.
I mostly liked the Teachers that I had and the college readiness program they had available. If I could change something immediately it would be the school cafeeteria food. It has been something that I've heard all the students complain about as it is just bad in every way.
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International leadership of Texas is a astonishing school,that focuses on imbibing leadership traits on students to help them succeed and impact the world. It is also one of the few schools that enforces multilingualism. Students who Graduate from this school are infused with The Spanish and Chinese language,However it is mandatory to take both language classes. I would like students to have free will in deciding weather they would like to take these classes or not
ILTexas AGPHS was amazingly memorable for me! Here I would spend tons of hours preparing for our test and training for different sports. The teacher made it feel like we were important to them especially when wanted to certain activities or projects. Unfortunately our school still needs lots funding to be able to do many more things like field trips, competitions, more robots for robotics, more cameras for audio multi media etc... aside from all of this the main reason why I loved my school was that I am part of the first ignagural graduating class which actually means that my graduating class wasn’t just a class it was more then that it is a family. We saw the worst in us but we also saw the best in us. Here we were taught to become great leaders of tomorrow but most importantly to always put others before self. This place is where we learned to be there for each other no matter what! For all of this not only will I forever be greatful but I will forever love you school.
I have been involved with international leadership of Texas since middle school, and as a result I have watched the school grow and develop throughout the years and now that I see what the school has become even though they have few resources I feel proud of what it is today and what it has accomplished. The school started off small but kept growing as new students arrived, so as it kept growing more and more. The location and size of school changed as well as the people, and now we are what people know as international leadership of Texas Arlington grand prairie high school.
As a student of this school, I can tell you, if you send your child here from a real public school, their experience will be terrible. First off, academics here are 150% easier than public school as to where you could sleep through half your classes, don’t take notes and still pass with flying colors. Some teachers care but others only care about a paycheck or just don’t know what they are doing. The Chinese classes are a joke, you can use google translate and won’t learn a thing, in fact some teachers tell you to use it. The principal is the most unprofessional principal I have ever seen. He believes it it acceptable to wear a bow tie with blue jeans and Jordans, but expects his students to wear slacks and a button down shirt. This school has a lot of changes to make moving forward, stay woke👀
Through out my high school experience I liked how close everyone was due to the fact that our graduation class is going to be around sixty students. It allows for us to all get to know one each other and build memories. I would like to see improvement in the leadership department , because I don't think they emphasis it enough.
My experience at ILTexas was amazing and memorable.I enjoyed the atmosphere ,and getting to learn two different languages being Chinese and Spanish.ILTexas reflects on diversity,academic and great experience.The high school cooperates many clubs and activities with academic bases .Giving many options to choose from which students would benefit .The only thing that I would like to see change from this high school would have to be a grow on the population size,because the bigger the better !!!
overall, its a very good well rounded school. I learned a lot from the nice inspiring teachers . It would be nice if they had a better lunch menu, however, the school principal and administrators said they would take care of they next year and i trust them to do so.
The staff is amazing. However, I believe since the school is fairly new they have a lot of changes that need to be made within protocol (as far as the students are concerned). The schedule changes are ridiculous and there is lack of communication among parents for certain things. Once they put more strict administrative rules in place and allow students to have more opportunities to thrive academically they will be fine.
ILT, you atleast tried. ILT being a trilingual based school had its ideas in the right place but failed in the execution. Assembly's, courses, and anything that needed to be monitored failed miserably. At assembly's, children who had failed classes were getting "A" honor rolls as teachers stood on the sidelines shocked. However, I must commend ILT on the atmosphere, which is extremely friendly. The kids were kid and welcoming and the teachers, for the most part, were excellent and genuinely cared about their students. The small classes made for a great learning environment and the teachers were always available for tutoring. The uniforms were comfortable but ill-fitting, so they did their job. Overall, I would return to ILT although it recuires more coordinated management. Thank you.
I would like for this school to better communication between the administration and students. The students find out what is going on the day of or sometimes not at all. It would also be beneficial to better the parent involvement in order to provide better things in general for its students.
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