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International Leadership of Texas - Garland High School Reviews

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I love the challenge and various options for classes the school provides. It prepares you very college very well.
In my experience these four years that I have been attending to international leadership of Texas have been outstanding years. This high school has taught me a lot of things like how to be responsable, never give up and how to be a good leader. However, like any school there are some things that could be fixed in order to make it the pecfect high school. For example, they should control a little better the students because sometimes they can be a little disrespectful. Another thing that they change could be by accepting more request from the students, since we are a school that wears uniform, we could make a contest to win a free dress day or another kind of prize.
Love the diversity here, people of many different faiths, backgrounds, and ethnicities are all living together as one community. More or less, the teachers are pretty alright, though the organization from administration could be worked on. Overall great school though.
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They really try to help the students learn. I found my love for learning mandarin which I plan to study in college.
been here since forever. it's pretty ok. uniform is regulated like airport security though. Not fun.
International Leadership of Texas is a progressive school. It hasn't been long since it first began and already ranked as a top school nationally. It's definitely a school unique to others. As it is more focused on preparation for college by making stricter guidelines to ease students after high school, many would think that this school doesn't offer the real 'highschool experience', however, it is the job of the students to create that environment. Our school values true beliefs on education and diversity. As a newly graduated student who came to ILT from a 6A public school, I don't regret any part of my experience. I'm thankful to say that I had the best teachers who taught me reality. Overall, I've indulged more knowledge from ILT than if I attended any other institution. I met many of the finest people in my life, and gave an insight as an adult. Through the struggles of this school, I realize its positives and how it made me into the strong person I consider myself to be today.
If you want your child/children to become somebody they want to become, don't enroll your student here, that is unless you want your student to become an athlete. At ILT, being passionate in the fine arts field, which includes dance and art, is not encouraged. The athletics and JROTC programs are more funded than the program funding the arts. Apparently, the school spent lots of money on books, not textbooks, rather than giving the money to the fine arts program. As a student in the graphic design class, I can tell you that the teacher has to go out and buy her own supplies for her own classes, when those supplies could have provided by the school. The graphic design class doesn't even have enough money to get the digital software and tools needed to do what you were actually expecting to do in the class.
We absolutely LOVE ILTexas GHS! My daughter, niece, and my BFF's daughter all go there and have had incredible results! We are excited that they have become the kind of focused, responsible, and compassionate people we wanted to see them grow into. Each of them has a plan for their own future and they are inspired to work hard and chase their dreams with a plan for success! We would love to see more parent involvement as a whole, but the opportunity is there for the parents that want to participate!
ILT offered me multiple opportunities that I otherwise would not have been offered had I attended a public school. My favorite part is the international component they promote through the Chinese and Spanish courses offer as well as through the international students that live on campus. I am most grateful for the summer immersion trip to China that I was able to participate during the summer before my junior year. It was life changing and I saw everything my Chinese teachers taught me in class come to life in the streets of Beijing, Zhongshan, Shanghai, and Nanyang.
My experience about International Leadership of Texas has been wonderful for me. I learned to speak 3 languages which are English, Chinese and Spanish. I master those languages pretty well. What I would like to see change after I leave is how the next generation of students can keep our school clean and leave a safe environment for whenever we come back someday to visit.
i like you school but i wish they gave you more choices about your class. the classes are good for you but there is a chances you wanted something else
International leadership of texas garland high school is one of the best schools i'd ever been. The academics status is of of the things that i liked about the school, and its also great that all the students are disciplined.
The school has a great safety policies involved that has a great service however the school nurse does not seem to offer much gratitude when it comes to health problems. Most likely everything involves peppermint.
Opportunities offered are spectacular included the circulars and after school activities.
This school had a positive environmental impact which includes my favorite experiences. Among attending ILTexas, I became easily familiar with the students that became great friends. Special experience were getting to listen to speakers that came nearly every 2 weeks and offered enough knowledge to become experienced with the real world.
Majority of the teachers tend to do their job beyond expectations by not only teaching the class regularly but by also including fun activities that makes it more intresting
The health and safety of thiis school is okay.
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There are barely any clubs, but there are sports.
Parents are not really around.
Teachers are rude and very sarcastic. A lot of them do not know how to efficently teach.
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