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amazing school with dedicated staff. staff and teachers really care and want to help students succeed
My overall experience was very rocky. During my time there I was miserable and felt like I was in prison. They have long hours and no teachers which makes absolutely no sense.
When it's come to growth a big part of it has been the education I've received at this school. Many of it has been due to experiences and memories I probably won't forget for a while. As a student and future graduate of this high school I would recommend this school to someone because of the education and college prep. I'm sure that for college Ill certainly be prepared and will try and overcome any obstacles which come my way.
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For the most part my experience has been completely positive. The teachers are there to really help students, mold young mind and create the leaders of the future. Students learn in a clean, controlled, and safe environment ideal for teaching the future. The food is delicious did is always served with a smile. All in all, this school is truly one-of-a-kind and should definitely receive the credit it deserve.
This school was a major disappointment. I can’t say that I had any experiences that were memorable or unique. The only thing I know is that I had a lot of different teachers and there were a lot of rules for no reason and the principal always was in arguments with the students for small things the school was strict with everything and the students were really upset about not having a gym or a program for PE. We didn’t have any technology at all
This school is so depresssing. There’s no fun for the students just long days in boring classes with a new teacher every day. Students needs time to let their brain rest but at this school you get In trouble for even talking or laughing wit ur friends they try to make some celebrations but even in the celebration the principal yells for clapping or cheering. Seriously? I hate everything about this school. Don’t sent your kids here the academics isn’t even that great and we never finish one topic because the teachers leave. O yea the food is really gross
At first i believed going to this school was the worst thing that ever happened to me. With time i came to realize this wasn’t the case. I had opportunities here that i dont think I could’ve had at another school .
I did not like this school at all. The teachers and staff only care about a pay check. They do not prepare you for college at all. The staff really does not care about the students. The school gets teachers that can’t even teach. The students don’t learn anything. The school has long hours for no reasons. They don’t even have that many teachers. They don’t have any clubs. The students cannot express themselves in any way without getting kicked out of the school. Students and teachers cannot speak out unless they want to get kicked out of the school. The school needs to change everything but that can only happen if you change who is in charge.
It is overall a great school. It can be a rigorous education, but it is good and prepares you on what it is to come. Although there are no sports, there is Tae Kwon Do, a fitness program for the freshman, internship, and so on. The facilities are extremely clean and the school is a very safe environment to be in.
My experience at International Leadership Charter High School is okay. The academic instruction is very rigorous. The teachers want to see the students succeed. They will help in any way if a student has a problem. The security is top notch. If they think there is a problem, they will stop class and address the problem. They try their best to help you with college applications. They show us videos on how to fill out applications and help us one-on-one. The things that they need to work on is keeping their teachers, when teachers leave mid school year, it affects the students' learning and progress. The school also needs a gym for physical education. They provide TaeKwonDo, but only for 11th and 12th grade. Overall, it is a good school.
In my school I would love to see clubs or any activities that will allow us students to have fun and enjoy ourselves while learning. The students and administrators should have a bond or at least an open suggestion to what the kids need in a school. For example a gym ever since 2006 there has been no physical education in International Leadership Charter High School.
There is no clubs or organizations in this school.
If you want a real High School experience, do not come to this school. ILCHS is way too strict and there is no fun what so ever. We don't even have gym until we get to 11 grade so I'm probably going to get super fat because I don't do exercise(sometimes if I feel like it but I'll start really soon hopefully). My favorite experiences were being with my friends, that was the only thing that made the school friends. The school might be horrible but you make about 3 or 4 friends that are really cool and funny from what I know. The only good thing about the school is that we get longer vacations but with like 5 packets of summer homework and winter break homework too. that sucks to be honest because I was expecting more freedom in high school and I got less. I wouldn't choose this school to go because even though you make good friends and you have longer vacations, there is too much homework that makes you stay up all night, we get out at 5:00 (they said it's 4:30 but that's a lie) and when a freshman goes to orientation or whatever they do, the staff lies to them and tells them that there are sports and a lot of activities which there isn't, at all.
Most of the teachers know how to teach and put effort into the lessons that they teach the students. There is a few that I do not like simply because they treat the students like we are in middle school and not in high school. Overall all 6 teachers that I had did help me expand my knowledge about things. I wish there were field trips though because there wasn't this year ( just one but to the library in front of the school... that doesn't quite count in my opinion)
It's great when it come to safety and health.
It's good when it comes to academic.
its a very safe and secure school nothing ever happening do to the quility of security
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the school does not have alot of activities but the activities they have are help to the students
i had lot of fun experiences which led to who i am now
the teacher are very knowledgeable of the topics and always take time to teach and challenge students
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