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My experience at international high school was overall the best, I’ve attended this high school for 4 long but short years. And I’ve learned so much from not only the teachers in the classes but outside the classes from students, guidance counselors, even the principals. And going to that school changed my life before I attended international I was going down a path nobody wanted me to go down and then it just finally hit me and it was time for a change and international changed me and molded me to be great and now I’m a high school graduate going to college in the fall. If I hadn’t changed because of international I don’t know where I’d be, and I thank the school for helping and be there every step of the way.
It is a diverse environment and there are many opportunities to expand one's horizons. However, there seems to not be equal chances for opportunities for all students.
International high school is a great school filled with amazing people who are willing to go above and beyond to help. However, the school is more than equipped and has enough resources to teach more and better. There are rooms intended for particular purposes like a sound-proof music room being used for things like detention and in school suspension. Overall great school, administration can improve on how they make use of the resources available to them.
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International High School is good high school for a more friendly atmosphere. Since it is a smaller school, the many students do form bonds with one another and help each other out. The teachers are all very helpful and work well with students and try to comply with student needs as best as they possibly can. Some students however, regard high school as a waste of time and it shows as they walk through the school. They show no remorse in their lack of interest for the school or their education. However, in my experience International High School has been a great school where I feel safe and feel as though I am getting a good education.
As a freshman in International High School, my experience so far is very excellent. In the school, however, there's the International Baccalaureate Programme. It supplies nationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education. In Freshmen and Sophomore years, you will be titled as "Accelerated Cohort" students. Once you get into Junior year, you'll receive your ceremony, an IB diploma, a gold pin that says "IB", titled as "IB" student, and a fun breakfast brunch! As you can see, I'm an Accelerated Cohort Freshmen student. They give you so much passion for learning and having a higher education. With this program, it will lead you to a higher college or university and start your career and future in the best way possible!
I am currently in the IB Programme at this school and so far the experience has been going great. I am currently enrolled in AP and honours classes. They challenge me and get me thinking. The clubs here are also amazing. There is something here for every person, and if there isn't then you can create your own one with administrator.
I liked that it was very open to diversity and because it was a new school, it had many new resources open to the students. The resources however needed to be used by more of the students.
the principles want to be strict and they not.. the teachers either quit or is out. The work isn't bad though but you have a lot of restrictions and no sports. u have to go another school for a sport.
I am currently a freshman in IHS. I love that it is a small school since i get to be in small classes. I learn better this way because our teachers can focus more on us and help us individually. In IHS i have learned more about culture since this school is committed to motivating students to be good global citizens. I am challenged everyday and learn how to think independently.
My experience in the 4 years of my high school career was fun . International is one of the best school in Paterson. There nothing but positive energy and positive vibes. Everyone down to my peers , administration, faculty is so helpful. Everyone gets along perfectly . One big family. Everything happen with seriousness of purpose.
I like that it has advanced courses to prepare the students for their academics. It is my first year at International High School, and since my first day I have been amazed at the school. The teachers are good, and the administration makes sure that students follow the rules, without exeptions and favoritism towards students. It is a great school that helps students achieve academic growth to prepare them for college.
I mean the school is great in general, it just has lack of any activities and programs that can actually make the students want to learn. What makes this school unique is that we all come together and become a family. If I were to go back I would really would go back to that same school. It literally is Great
I can come to everyone for anything, that's what I love the most.
We take these things very seriously as well as other schools.
My overall experience is being able to call international a family, how they made me becoming a successful person. How I change from freshman year to now.
The nurse is great, and the schools are stronger about health purposes.
The food options are good because we get to chose from. I love there fruits and salads the most.
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My school is very high about bullying and several other policies out there.
All teachers go out their way to help kids succeed. They have great communication skills with each and everyone of their students.
It's okay because it give you an sense of taking responsibility for your work that's been giving to you. It shows us how things work properly.
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