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International High School of New Orleans Reviews

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International High School is not the best academic school. Starting with the counselor, she is unorganized and preoccupied. I ask my counselor to send my high school transcript to a specific university, she said she would get to that, weeks has pass and I receive a letter saying that I am missing my high school transcript. The next day I went to room and remind her again, I had to stay in that room until she did it, it took my whole class period. Many student struggle with this situation as a senior. The system is poor, we have many fights in the first week of school,we had cops and police dogs to come in our school because they believe that the student are selling drugs. No matter how cops comes in the school will never change. The system only covers the school but it should focus more on the student,these two things are the main cause of destroying the whole school.
It has different languages to learn from and its a diverse school. Although som rules should change, IHS is a good school.
International High School is a very diverse and social place. one of my favorite aspects of the school is its cultural diversity. The school is less than a decade old, so it still needs more improvements and changes.
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There are no real sports, clubs, they have some horrible teachers, it is very unsafe, they spend money in the wrong things. I am currently so unprepared for college because of the horrible college counselor. I recommend that your child should not go to this school.
IHSNO has a great location in the CBD, but is not the best place for a school. Although the student body is diverse, the staff are not as majority of staff do not reflect the students enrolled. Administration is does not focus on student and staff success and the board does not recognize the facades they are fed by the schools leadership. I pray for their sake they make some major changes as their names and reputations are at stake. People are watching.
I went there from 9-12 grade. We expierinced 4 different principles in my time there, but for the most part it was fun and educational even though we didn't have the textbooks we would need.
I like the fact that International acknowledge culture in activities, I love the environment, the cultural blend is very exciting, you learn new things, meet new people, etc. I'd like to see more organization with the school, more parental involvement, and a stronger student body.
A school that not only fails in its mission to provide a global education, but one that cannot get even the basics done right. It is disorganized, falling apart, and has generally poor quality of teaching. It should be avoided, if possible.
My overall experience at International High School has been pretty good. I love the academics part of it and how the teachers are always willing to help the students. I’m also happy that they offer dual enrollment courses to students. Which is a big help to earn college credit while I’m still in high school. The only thing I wish that they could change is the extracurricular activities. I wish they had cheerleading,dance,majorette,football and baseball like most schools have. Another thing is that the administration should learn how to communicate information better with the students. They always tell us things at the last minute and we as students don’t have enough time to prep for it. Other than than that , I believe I’m satisfied with my school.
International High School has an overall good environment. I never felt that the school was uncomfortable and the program is really good. As an IB Diploma student I felt that it challenged me and prepared me for college.
it is a extremely diverse school. it has a foreign exchange process and has people from all over to visit. if your looking for a diverse school to attend to be exposed to many types of culture and people then ihsnola is the school for you.
It's an alright school but the cool teachers leave a lot and I feel there needs to be more preparation when it comes to planning most events. Also the guidance counselor is horrible at helping seniors with college applications.
International High School of New Orleans is very diverse. The school has a full-time International Baccalaureate curriculum that ensures their students are well-prepared for the rigorous work that college offers. However, IHSNO does have a high turnover rate of teachers as good teachers leave and have to be replaced. There are a good amount of extracurricular activities for the kids to participate in.
As a 3 year student of International High School of New Orleans I’ve enjoyed my time. Each year I wasn’t introduced to something new and exciting. I learned to love each subject due to my amazing teachers and the amount of care they put into each lesson. Not only did they teach us our curriculum but they made sure we were prepared for each assessment. Many of my teachers took their job a bit more serious and grew relationships with their students making it easier to confide in them and feeling comfortable in many difficult situations. International gave me a great high school experience and I will never regret anything.
I Love the school and I look forward to my son graduating 2018 and my dauther beginning fall 2018. The Staff and Teachers are great!
I've been at International High School since my freshman year and a lot has change as in teachers, principal, the way the lesson is taught, and the late policy. My experience has been marvelous because the connects that the school has with people around the world is terrific because it opens a door for lot of people after high school. My school is very diverse in and out and everybody has friends that's not the same ethnicity as them.
It has the potential for great academics; however, there are few activities for students involvement as well as parents. The students should be proud to say where they go to school. The students need more motivation to willingly participate inside and outside of the class settings. The school should connect more with the community. Whenever I am asked the school I attended, 9 times out of 10 no one knows what I am talking about.
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International high school of new orleans is a good school.They push you to learn and the teachers don't give you a pass on anything. I would like the funding to change because the they don't have that many sport teams and we don't go on a lot of trips, but overall is a good school especially when it comes down to learning new languages
Laid back atmosphere and very diverse school. Wish they had more clubs and activities. They need more facilities like a gym.
What I liked about international was the diversity and culture. This school is so great because it really gets you ready for college. You cannot leave this school not knowing Spanish, Arabic, French and chinese. The area of the school is pretty cool, Ihs is located in Our city's business district. I've made a lot of new friends in this school and I have a friend of every race in the school. This school is awesome.
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