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International High School for Health Sciences Reviews

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This school has a variety of culture. Students collaborate with each others, and there's a big support from the teachers. The only thing that I will like to see a change is in sports and clubs.
I love this school. It’s located in Corona, Queens it shared the 3 & 4 floor of Newtown high school. I’m a senior now but i was enrolled in that school in my sophomore year, the teachers are great and they help you out with whatever you need help.
There are huge variety of diverse cultures, languages and traditions since most of the students came from all around the world. As a student in IHSHS, I had the opportunity to interact with these cultures and learned to speak many languages. I understood other feelings and their story as my own since it was connected. We were brothers and sisters from different parents.
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There are strong after school programs. More students need to partcipate
we have to share a school nurse with another school in the building. All students need a school id every morning. I feel safe at this school. No security problems has happened so far.
So far this school had introduced me to many great opportunities in the health science field. For example we attend conferences with scientist and medical workers.
The teachers attend school early in the mornings and stay late afterschool to provide the students with help. Thy are very knowledgeable and they are also very patient with students. They understand the level each student are at and provide them with the work that they can understand and that also challenges them.
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