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International High School at Union Square Reviews

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My school have a lot of great programs to help students in school
Teachers cares about students at my school
Our guidance counselors, are always available for college prep resources
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The teachers at this school have the best teaching styles, knowledge, interest in students, communication skills, and consistency in grading.\ students
We have security and scanner machine in school but people, somehow smokes weed in school
Students have access athletic facilities, fitness programs and sport club such as soccer, volley, basket ball
The school administration and school policies affect both students and parents. The school has a great community which help and treat everyone equally.
we have students coming from different country, such as China, Mexico, Africa etc.
Our lunch was common public school food.
I feel pretty safe in our school
Our school had a lot of program inside or outside school.
It is Okay, we share sport & fitness with other schools.
I love how closer i were with the teachers.
I think the facility can be better.
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