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I would like for them to improve more and more the way they teach new students who don't speak english at all. They should try their best to see if the students are capable to go to a higher level. What I like about this school is its diversity and the school is more like a family you have and even the teachers are like a friend who you can entrust.
The school looks fine for people who just came to the US. Teachers are very friendly and motivate their students. Some changes could be to introduce classes such as AP and fix school's supplies such as laptops, boards, and the wifi connection.
This high school is so good for people who recently arrive to USA or New York. This school have a lot of culture an diversity. The teachers are very good and the support that they offer to other students is very good. But if you search challenge or difficulty, others schools are better.
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The international high school is the best school ever I am student there to so I love there that school is like my other family
My experience in IHS at Union Square is very memorable, I learned how diversity is very important to a public, meeting with students from more than 50 countries around the world, with their cultures, it is the only place i feel like a home, Unity, and Cherish link the students together, no matter where you came from. The teachers are caring and willing to work students, The Principal and the School community make sure we have all the resources needed, (computers, all School Supplies). Students are safety and they never starve, Extracurricular activities are provided to all student who feel free to join it, International High School become home for the students, it becomes a memory in our journey, We grown up a lot in this school, our English is improving every single day. I recommend anyone who English is their second language to get enrolled in International High School at Union Square, it is a daring place to have hope, and pursue their academic success.
The school is okay not the best
There is some good classes
The teachers are nice and helpful
There are extensive language classes, but after the leave of a few teachers and a change of a principle, come of these courses has been placed on hold. There are other AP courses yet all in all this curriculum is no different than an average high school.
Rarely anyone is bullied or judged for their sexual orientation or religion. This school has a very supportive community, so many students feel comfortable and safe.
The communication in this school isn't the best, but there are still ways to find out about events from teachers and other students
Security could be a little better, but they still get their job done.
There are activities such as model u.n., script ed, peer group control,book club etc, but there could be more options and dedication from students and/or teachers.
This school , in my opinion, gives many individuals to come out their shells and find new opportunities. Although this school still has quite a while to go to reach a few standards, it still remains a school that is symbolic to community and education.
The metal detector gets very annoying. Even if you were to go in early. And if you get there like, 10 minutes before school you are basically screwed. It was a hard fight alone to allow the kids the bring phones in for the past 4 years, and only recently lifted like last year cause someone from the government was like, i need my kid to have a phone with him, but everyone else in school is like no. So he lifted the phone ban. good job kid.
I hope there is more in the future. The clubs now are just created so kids can have an excuse to not go down to the hell-spawn of a lunchroom
This school is a relatively new school, so I can't say I expected any pools or tennis courts anywhere. But still room for improvement.
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Looking at the school over all, it is something you grow into. There is always the selective teachers to others that may act differently due to unconscious favoritism, but that's still natural in a sense. Most of them usually give more chances than they are suppose to so that everyone in the class would be in the same idea, but that every so often, backfires because there is just those few people dragging the entire class down. Most of them also follow the normal high school style teaching, standing next to a board and talking before handing out worksheets and having the students take notes or finish.
The school is unique in its very own way. The community there is very diverse and friendly based on my experience. For instance, during last years' talent show people messed up, but no one laughed or ridiculed the performers, the crowd cheered them on. Additionally, the staff are very kind and understanding, they actually care about their students well-being and success. Unfortunately, classes are limited thus far and the metal detectors cause uproar in the morning.
LAD's a new school. The teachers are great, but Principal Najmi is absolutely horrid and takes advantage of her title. She bosses around faculty and students and even cursed at one of her students. She has no heart and honestly, nobody likes her. She would blow a whistle in the hallways and yell at people for being in the hallways as soon as it's lunch. On the plus side, she did save our school from being in debt because of our, also a disgraceful principal (he stole lightbulbs... Really?), so I give her kudos for that. Najmi is great when it comes on tI business, but please do not be a high school principal if all you want is power.

As I've previously said, the teachers are great. Mr. Decker, Mr. Lederer, Ms. Coronado, Ms. Chen, Ms. Tan, Mr. Fuentes, Ms. Lu, Ms. Labarbara and Mr. Demaio made LAD a great experience for me. If any of these teachers are there by the time you enter (though some are gone and most are planning to LEAVE), then great job, you'll have a great four years. If not, in the wise words of Mr. Nicolais (he's alright)...

I wish you way more than luck.
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