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I'm Dieulens Victor a Junior in IHSPH i've been there since 2016; from my experience I think they doing a good job basically,for Students who make it here,from across the world and they offer a lot of opportunities and activities that help you adapted very quickly. As we can see, IHSPH is one of the school in New York City that gives access to volontious people who care about their education and want to have a career.
I like how the teacher managed to encourage the students learning in groups. There are a lot of diversity and multiligualism so I think it's help our community interacting to each other a little bit more.
I have visited the school recently and it has changed so much but the culture of the school is most improved overall. Glad to see the wonderful changes since I graduated from there.
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Teachers are extremely caring and helpful. They genuinely care about their students. School feels like one big family, because everyone cares about everyone.
The most outstanding high school of NYC. The support students recieve is really unique and meaningful for all of us no matter our race, religion, sex, gender or disabilities, you will have the opportunity to contribute your knowledge, express your feelings, ideas or point of views with respectfully listeners. The support and helpful interactions that students have with each other makes this high school makes it the best.
I have been 3 years in that school now. I like that the school is diverse and everyone respect other people home language, culture and religion. All students work together as one to inprove the school.I feel like my school is my second home. I wouldn't change nothing but somethingbu I'll add is the ap classes and the way some teachers they teach us.
They care deeply forthwith students and support them whenever they can
There are a lot of security and police around the school to keep it safe. Also, no matter what, you must show your ID to get into the building.
There are many different clubs, where teachers are available at any time to help.
Most of the students are Immigrants and Teachers are very helpful. There are plenty of clubs, and organization gives you the opportunity to find yourself. In fact, chances to meet prestigious people like Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. You will get to hear many different stories from students from many different backgrounds, which makes this school very interesting. Language is the dominant in this school, you will find 20-25 different languages that are spoken by students. Overall, it's a great school, if you are a newcomer in this country. I had the best experience of my life.
They tend to get annoying sometimes but they do their job good.
you always get the help you need!
The environment is friendly, it was like a second home to me.
I had the best 4 years of my life in high school. I have learned to enjoy every journeys and every steps I took through each level, I saw myself growing stronger and competitive. I was and I am proud of myself for graduating from this school and meeting lots of wonderful friends. However, when I came to know about applying for college and deciding on what to study in the future. I was a bit disappointed because I didn't had much knowledge about college until I got to my Junior-senior year and it was very intense suddenly because of the density of classes level and also the process of apply for college wasn't easy, So, I would love if my high school let the students prepare from the begging of freshmen year and open more opportunities related to college and career readiness.
It is alright could get better
My teachers make the class fun
There is not problems at all
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We have the best curriculum in English class
Sometimes is not fair to students
There is a great variety of activities to choose from
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