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It's a very good school because you get to experience things with different perspectives. There is a lot of diversity and that is one of the major thing that represent this school. Everyone speaks a different language and that is great because you can get to know others people from other countries. We get an internship in the 11th grade and we have an iMentor program, which is great because you can talk with adults and get their experience they got in college and with that they can help you find the best fit for you. One of my best experiences at this school is that I got to make friends, explore my options and learn. One thing that teachers always teach us is to respect one another because we all struggled, for example my struggle was the language but with the help of my teachers I got ahead.
I like how assorted my school is there is understudies from numerous countries. I might want to see some american children students in this school. I have great experience on this school which I nearly been going to for a while so I have picked up my English a considerable measure better since I begin heading off to this school. This school is better than average for who originated from other countries and there age adequate to go secondary school yet old for middle school I prefer them to go this school. Because this school is good for language learners.
I like that there are students from many backgrounds. Teachers are kind, and you get the help you need as an international student.
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Always felt safe and secure
There are many good programs available
This school helped me to be successful and confident
I've only had good experience with my teachers.
Everyone is great. I think the school is safe as a result of the metal detectors and the numerous police officers at school.
At IHSL, we have so much to do. Students like myself end up going to too many organizations and clubs. Not only do we have our own clubs (student government, newspaper, ambassador), our program coordinator always send us information about a bunch of extracurricular activities outside of school (Girls Write Now, Liberty Partnership at Kingsborough, etc).
IHSL is a fun place to go to school. I get to learn something new everyday and the environment is healthy and fun, yet educative. When we have feast day, people bring food from their own country and dress up traditionally--it's amazing!
The teachers are great. They are very friendly and caring. The always try their best to teach us something new everyday. The only problem I have with the teachers is that they do not give a lot of challenging work.
I love my school . One thing every student want from their teacher is to understand them and explain them clearly ! In my school teacher are really nice and they try their best to explain us even tho we don't understand that much English . I m graduation form my high school international high school at Lafayette after 2 year and if I had option to stay in high school forever I would chose international high school at Lafayette . It's really hard to describe my school because it's the best ! All student are friendly and the most thing is that they don't judge people. I really do love my school .i m proud to be a student of (IHSL)
I like the all the class
I've been stayed for afterschool to get my homeworks done and to get an extra help
I. Think i am prepared velly for my future
School police are very stickt and they dont let anything and anyone goes in or out without a reason. So they are all awake and careful.
Every students came from different countries and have different religion. They all are nice to each other.
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We don't chance to get involved in different sports.
In our school this option is somewhat available.
Food in the cafeteria sometimes good, but most of the time junk food.
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