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I like the availability of challenging and upper level classes. The teachers are very responsive and leave detailed comments. They encourage and require discussion both with the teachers and other students. Very fair approach to grading. Lots of reminders for getting things done so the students can find success. Very proud of and interested in their students.
I was a student at International Connection Academy for 5 years. I earned my high school diploma on June 9th, 2017. The curriculum was very rigorous, yet manageable, if you put in the right amount of effort/time. The teachers were friendly and knowledgeable. The live tutor rooms were extremely helpful throughout the school day! I will say, in order to feel a part of the school community you have to participate and utilize the resources. Overall it was the best place to earn your degree, while remaining at home.
Being an online school, I loved the freedom I was given with Connections Academy. I was able to do school around my schedule and that was extremely helpful to me since I am a full time athlete. I was given all the tools I needed to succeed with great teachers that were available to help any time I needed.
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iNaCA is a good school, not for everyone but the teachers are excellent and very supportive. The academics are good and they are very flexible as to what courses you can take if you place into them.
This school is amazing! The courses are not easy but it truly helped me to prepare for college, I am so glad my parents pulled me out from the public school to attend iNaCA, I got accepted to all of the colleges that I applied to and I love this school so much!
I had a great experience at International Connections Academy. Even though the school is an online program, there are many ways to connect and get help from teachers. There are so many classes to choose from.
I started this school during my junior year of high school. I really online school, I feel like it was the correct choice for me to pick. The administration are very nice and will help you with whatever you need. If you have any questions or anything you can webmail or call your teacher. You can also join clubs, you can turn in your work by Sunday. But you can also work ahead if you wish to do so.
Great school for students that are traveling/ competing. They have a very flexible schedule with the course work and teachers that want to help you succeed in the courses at hand as well as your daily lives. They have many classes that because of the school being online you wound think they’d have, yet they do and they are good classes. The course work is challenging in a good way for learning but not difficult enough that you wouldn’t want to complete the work. The teachers and counselors try and help find a schedule for you to base your learning off of.
Our time with this school has been outstanding! The thing I was most pleased with is how available the teachers were when help or guidance was needed. Each and every staff member want your child to be the best they can be and to succeed. While living between 2 continents, this school had great flexibility to provide a quality education for our daughter.
I like International Connections Academy because my counselor and teachers are all generally very welcoming and helpful. When I shoot them an email, they reply quickly and are always happy to meet with me and discuss any issues I have with a lesson or assignment.
iNACA has a very rigorous curriculum so I feel like I am learning more than in the traditional classroom model. Also, my teachers are very responsive when I have questions about the material.
I loved this school, I was able to take as many classes as I could handle at once (which got me ahead in school). I didn't like how a lot of the ways to meet students required the parents to pay for an event.
I've had a great experience with iNaCA. The flexible schedule and variety of class options has made it a great fit for me and allowed me to work in a way that suits me best.
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