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My overall experience with ICS was great. It's a small school so you're really just one big family. I became really close with a lot of the teachers and staff members there, as they really have the best interest of each student in mind. They are all servant hearted and loving. Now, being a small school that's like a big family, means you may have "arguments" like a big family would. Not everyone gets along at all times, and it can be hard making friends if you don't get along with the 20 other kids in your class. For me though, that was just part of the journey. Experiencing life with the people who influence you the most, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
I’m a senior and I love it. It’s an amazing Christian environment as long as you have a healthy relationship with God and keep a good attitude. Teachers are amazing and love to help even outside of class. It’s also one of the best educations I possible could have asked for.
International Community School is great! The teachers are amazing. They really care and take time to make sure that you understand the content. This school cares about all of you, not just the academic side of you.
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The International Community School is a great place to combine your Christian faith and your education. They combine both a great education with a good foundation in the Bible. All the teachers are amazing and point you to God each and every day. It is a tight knit community of kids that love the Lord.
Great school with a friendly christian atmosphere. The teachers and administrators truly care about the students well being. They do not tolerate any bullying or negative behavior. Safe and caring place for all students.
ICS is awesome! The teachers and staff are caring. The environment of this school allows students to expand their faith and excel in education. The community this school creates is welcoming.
I had a great experience at this school. The teachers wanted to see me succeed and were always available if I needed help with anything.
I love this place. I have gone here my whole life and it has been the best thing ever. The teachers are invested and willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed not only in the class room but in life as well. While all schools have their ups and downs, ICS has had a huge impact on my life and I would not have wanted to go anywhere else throughout my schooling years.
I like the academics and teachers the most at International Community School. The academics are challenging and very college-focused. You are able to pick classes that fit your schedule. Also when you duel-enroll you are able to take whatever classes you would like without the school setting boundaries to what classes you can take. I didn't like that ICS didn't provide a variety of clubs to be apart of. The only clubs they offer are SGA, NHS, and book club. So for the kids not apart of sports they have a hard time finding an outlet.
ICS is the perfect marriage of homeschooling and private schooling. This model allows me to be very involved in my children's education while still allowing my kids to have traditional school experiences like sports, , field trips, etc.
The International Community School has been the most wonderful place to spend my high school career. The teachers are so knowledgeable and they care about their students. It is a wonderful environment and while there are minor flaws the school makes up for it in the community aspect as well as the staff.
Due to the small size and low funding, there really aren't health resources available. As far as bullying goes, it depends who is doing it. If the bully is connected, nothing will be done. Overall safety is good.
Very few extracurricular activities outside of standard sports. Also note, they charge very high premiums for the sports programs.
The best thing about ICS is the partial homeschooling format. While there is no room for individual needs (acceleration or deceleration) at the school, there is time at home to tailor the program. I believe the benefits of homeschooling at a younger age, if done well, outweigh the negatives. I also believe being in a school environment part-time is preferable to completely homeschooling. For the most part, the teachers are excellent and their hearts are in the right place. There are some exceptions in the higher grades. The worst thing about this school is the favoritism and nepotism. If the parents are on staff, big donors etc the kid could likely burn the place down and not be held accountable. Their parents are deemed "good parents who can handle this issue at home." I can't even count the times I've witnessed great kids being hurt by this mentality. As a result, many families leave the school. Every family cites the same administration heart issues as the reason for their departure. The idea here is community and if you're "in" it's great, if not it's the worst place you could be. The biggest eye opener was how much happier our kids are in a public environment and how much kinder and more Christ-like that secular environment is than the quasi-christian environment at ICS.
Most of the teachers really care about the students, especially in the lower grades. Their dedication is the reason many families remain at the school. The curriculum isn't particularly challenging and there is no room for individualization. Students who require more or less advanced curriculum are left in the classroom with the other students. They essentially use it as a study hall period with no teacher support or class interaction. Worse yet, they have to try to tune out the classroom instruction while working on their own lessons. Most students don't study during those periods for that reason. If your student fits the box it's a great place, if not there really are better options where the administration is willing to meet individual needs. The excuse is small size, and certainly that is a factor, but there is also no reason better accomodations could not be made if the administration had willing hearts.
Administration is strict on bullying and ensuring the safety of its students. Since it is a small school, word can move fast about any negative actions that could take place or are being taken place. In my experience, I have never needed to go to the school nurse but I believe our nurse is well educated and knows exactly what he/she is doing. The school is diligent with safety procedures (school break-in, hurricane, tornado, fire, etc. do's and don'ts). The plus for ICS is that the Winter Park fire station is right next door.
Not many to pick from
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Since it's such a small school and the cheapest private school in the area, we have little resources in order to have various events and clubs. These new sports have recently been added: lacrosse, archery, cheerleading, and soccer. I would choose this school again because of how small it is and its academic structure. ICS really prepares its students to be good with time management and presentations.
Teachers are approachable and knowledgeable. Students are friendly and fun to be around. The majority of people that are staff and attend the school are caring and encouraging people.
I like how this school is half homeschool and half private school. Three days out of the week we attend school and the rest we study at home. The set-up helps us prepare for college.
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