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Hate this hell hole

I thought that the small community that the students have is good and bad. In some aspects, one can make very good friends when one is with their classmates from 6-12 grade, but there are also negative aspects. Naturally, not all the students will get along and this can create tension. There is also a lot of gossip and drama that will inevitably be spread around the whole school because it is so small. The fierce academic competition sometimes makes students feel bad about themselves because he or she didn’t do as well as another student.
It is a small community so everyone knows each other and the teachers know you very well. Lots of close friendships and memories are made with both staff and peers. The academics are very rigorous but colleges do not recognize that so we don't get the credit. For example, we do twice the work as other school's AP courses, yet most of our courses are labeled as "honors".
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The homework load is unrelenting. It wouldn't be so laborious if the homework was actually engaging, but my classmates and I find the homework to be timewasting busy work. There are a ton of outside of school projects and many classmates are surprisingly immature and either cancel at the last minute or don't show up to agreed upon group project meetings on weekends. One or two people usually end up doing 90% of the group project work. When responsible students bring it to teachers' attention, the teachers shrug it off, "talk" to the offenders but give the non-contributing members the same grade as those students who actually did the work!

Please don't celebrate that your children "won the lottery" and got into ICS. There is so much wrong with the school and how it negativity impacts the only childrehood/teen years your child with get in her/his life. Let your kid be a kid. Say NO to ICS!
I love my school because of all the supportive teachers that take their time to help you with anything you need and they genuinely care about getting to know each student individually. Also, I love being a part of a big community where I know everyone and everyone knows me. Being apart of the community is a big part of the school, the upperclassmen work together to help the underclassmen succeed in school by helping them deal with academic and personal issues they might be facing. Although the school has a very rigorous curriculum set up to push students continuously, students end up having an easier time in college after high school.
From the 6 years that I spent attending the International Community School, I can say with 100% confidence that if given the chance, I would definitely go back and do it all over again. There is no doubt that the classes are difficult and the teachers are challenging, but the positive school community and peer culture were by far more memorable to me.
This is truly an amazing establishment. All the teachers care about the students and are so passionate about the subjects that they teach. The small school size allows for many intimate connects to be formed, especially with programs such as Focus Week, where students and teachers take a week to go abroad or try a new activity, and International Night where students, parents and teachers come together to sample foods from all over the world. But, this school is extremely academically rigorous, and it's a big commitment. I think it is 100% worth it; the holistic approach to academics and the work load has pushed me to my limits, and made a better and stronger student.
While the International Community School may not have a traditional AP-style curriculum, the lessons you will learn and the people you will meet will change your life forever!
I attend the International Community School and it definitely lives up to its name. My school emphasizes the importance of fostering strong bonds within and beyond our community with our small grade sizes and programs such as Focus Week. Learning with the same grade of 65 students for the past 6 years has allowed me to form meaningful connections with each and every person in my grade; ICS has definitely become a home away from home. Besides the excellent academics, ICS provides students with an experience called Focus Week every year, when students travel all over the world to experience different cultures. I was fortunate enough to participate in the program for 6 years. Some of my most influential experiences include traveling to Spain and Greece, which allowed me to envelop myself in cultures and become a more worldly person.
ICS has a strong liberal arts and classical education program. The mathematics and science departments are lacking. The competitive and difficult curriculum is motivating but can be draining. Overall a pretty good experience.
The small school community of ICS has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you're willing to put in the work then ICS has huge benefits. Getting to know your teachers well and having them for multiple years is amazing, and the clubs and afterschool activities available to ICS students are fantastic. While the workload can be demanding, you get out of it what you put in.
A great school with a focus on the humanities, arts, and international studies. I've loved my time here. The teachers are awesome , but the ones I've had have mostly left (except for maybe the humanities and the art department). I'm sure the new teacher are equally great though.
ICS is a great school for extracurriculars with a few exceptional teachers and a lot of diversity. Focus Week and Art Day are both exciting opportunities for students. Unfortunately, the courses they force on you are often not useful to prepare you for adult life and there are several teachers who have little interest in teaching or treat their classrooms like dictatorships. The school also creates a toxic social environment where the only thing that bonds students together is a mutual depression.
Personally, it was a tough environment to be in because there's a lot of academic competition but if you like a challenge and being pushed to work harder then it's a great fit for you.
I loved my 6 years here, however I wish it would have a couple more classes; at the same time, I really appreciate its small size, so that probably is not possible.
ICS is an intense academic experience that helped me grow closer to the 40 or so other students I graduated with and form life-long friends, but is certainly not for everyone. Both the social and academic culture cause students to put a lot of pressure on themselves, which helps them succeed but also generates a lot of stress. I feel like I never would have learned as much going to another high school as I did at ICS, but it took me a while after graduating to learn how to really relax and not constantly have such high expectations of myself. I think this goes further than just being a personal case--most of my friends feel the same way.
I like the level of challenge that the school and its community imposes upon us, as well as the difficult curriculum. Teachers are very knowledgeable in their departments, however, with small school size comes a limited class selection.
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I really loved the students at ICS. I took a lot of interesting classes as well. It was a rather intense workload, but I learned a lot of really valuable academic skills. Loved some of the teachers, not so crazy about others. Overall, I'm glad for the way it set me up for success in life.
I love the smallness of it that makes it SUPER easy to make friends. We are currently going through some strange management things right now though...
The curriculum is fine, though slightly anti-Christianity in english and history classes. The ICS stereotype is that students are given hours of homework each night, which isn't the case. Rather ICS students receive less nightly homework than other local high schools, rather we will get specific "waves" throughout the school year. Every few months there will be one week were it seems that every class has assigned a large paper/project at the same time, and being able to stay afloat during these specific waves (about 4-6 per year) is a characteristic of a student that truly belongs at ICS.
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