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I love international community high school because it is basically a type of school that would help you succeed in life. Not only is it beneficial for ur future not also you receive a lot help from the teachers especially if English isn't ur first lauguage.
What I like about International Community High School or ICHS. Is the support which the staff members give to each student inters of : language, education, advice.
International Community High School is a community like no other. You will find lovely teachers who would do whatever it takes to help you. Students love the school so much that they need to be kicked out sometimes because the school is in its closing hours which is usually 6 when the student needs more help it could be 7 depends on the teachers. I graduated from here and I am currently working here that is how much I love the school.
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My experience in this school is I was able to be proficient in new language just in 3 years. So, I will recommend this school for someone that come from different country.
Is a nice school. The teacher are the best teacher ever had. They help us a lot. I had a change to meet many student from around the world. Something that I want them to improve is that, we need more sport in this school
Something that I like about this school is that the teachers don't treat you with different, teach the students very well, the safety school is very united. There are a lots of cultures from different countries and I love it.
The safety at this school is great. They are always active and checking for the safety of every single indivual in the school. And they are always checking the security camera to be more aware of what is going on.
This school is an excelent school especially for international students. Teachers are always encouraging the students to speak english and participate in after school activities. The after school activities are great and fun because students have the chances to learn more about their teacher. Practice more english and also get the chance to meet more friends.
I think the teacher and the possitive impact that they have in the students is what makes this school unique. As an immigrant students without knowing how to write and speak English the teacher motivate me to be myself and speak English without judging my accent.
The professors at "ICHS" are friendly and very helpful with their students. They always spend time with the students and even have after school class for those who want help to better understand the classes.
Just the best! Words cant describe.
ICHS professors helped me to learn a whole new language. They helped to get along with people from other countries. Their teaching style is unique, they want all student to know the subject being told. And are available to help you after school. They help you to built a professional communication, so when you go out there in the world you know how to act, and respond to situations.
The overall experience was fantastic because I get to learn and enhance the knowledge I need to more forward in the real world .
The teachers are very helpful with those immigrant student who have experiencing difficulty in english.
There a few extracurriculars programs at this school and most of the student take avantaged of those programs
Teachers love helping stundents to their life
After school Programs make the school unique because we are able to stay and learn and get the help of others
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The food are good but sometimes
It's not good but because the government or the state doesn't give enough resources to us so we can play and have sports
They are really friendly and they can help any time they are like your friends and always support a individual in their dreams or aspirations and etc. They also care about how we feel and they give engaging classes.
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