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The staffs communication with the students are outstanding. They are concerned and deeply care for the students even when the students do not want to be cared for. They do not give up on you no matter what and want you to succeed.
The school is held in a church. The church has different parts of the building including an upstairs. So the building is pretty spacious, but its not your typical high school.
The teachers always made sure that the students came first no matter what.
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The teachers especially the principal has always shown concern for the student and took that into consideration when it came to students having off days in class. They always had an open ear and willing to pray whenever its needed.
I was pretty unsure about college. When I graduated I actually didn't go straight to college once I graduated.
It was always very good! Right after class there would be practice whether it be Volleyball or Basketball. Even those who did not play sports would get together and do homework together. Once our sport season was over it was then performance time. There is a play we have every year during Christmas and would have practice after school, and sometimes during school for extra credit.
They definitely got us in shape. They also helped us with teamwork building skills.
The work load wasn't impossible. The principle would create the schedule for you.
Again, the school is very small. Towards the end of my time at the school it had gotten a lot better. However, it wasn't always that way.
I had a lot of fun. I built a lot of life-long relationships. I miss it! I am a senior in college and I still talk about my high school!
The school is very small but computers and resources of that sort are available.
The school is small, so though thee school is racially diverse, it is difficult to find diversity in all of the other areas
Honestly, the sports was one of my favorite things about the school!
The school took discipline very seriously.
I played sports. It was a lot of fun. I built strong relationships with my teammates.
I learned a lot from asking my teachers questions from outside of the classroom setting.
The food was good. Food was available to us and honestly that was good enough for me. It wasn't the healthiest, but I liked it
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we are blessed to have such a good staff body
plenty of options to choose from
not super healthy but pretty good
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