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Great school to go to, amazing staff and faculty. ICS is an amazing place to attend, there truly care about the students learning, and not just knowing the answers. Most Christian schools use only the book, and use the provided tests with the book. That's not the case for ICS, they make there own guides and tests so the students actually learn, and not just memorize the answers but understands the answers. The Principle is a great lady and her husband, who is the pastor, is an amazing, christian man who truly cares about God's will in his life, and the students life.
The teachers are quite diverse, yet you know they love you. If there are ever any problems, you are always able to approach them and clear up any confusions.
My school does not have a guidance counselor. Yet, the teachers are somewhat knowledgeable about college stuff. If they do not know you are able to contact the principal.
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The athletic program is fun. Although we don't compete against a lot of schools, we still are able to go to some competitions. School spirit is very prominent also.
Since my school is Christian, they are absolutely against birth control, sex before marriage, and evolution. As for the more basic courses such as science and math, it is pretty good.
When going to a Christian school, it's hard to fall into peer pressure because there is barely any. My school is pretty diverse, and you will always find someone or somewhere to fit in.
My school does not have a cafeteria. Yet, the seniors do fundraisers where they sell food, which isn't too bad.
I have been in my school since I was three. I have had my share of mistakes and accomplishments. Yet, when I look back on what the school has done in my life, I would never want to not be there. The small atmosphere makes you feel like you are part of a family. You truly feel the love from both the staff and faculty.
My school is private and Christian. The dress code is very modest and respectable. They teach us at a young age to always look our best. As for disciplinary issues, they are very strict, which can be both good and bad. Their consequences definitely make you want to change.
Like I said before, my school is very small. I wish we had more extracurricular activities, but I guess they might not thrive because the school population is so small.
When it comes to safety, because my school is very small, we do not have all the normal things other schools have. Yet, there has never been a safety issue in the 14 years I have been there, so I would say they have everything under control.
Although the rules and regulations may seem strict, the staff and teachers are extremely helpful.
The standards are high and presents challenging subjects but the teachers make sure the students understand what is going on.
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