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I love the fact that my school is small and the students and teachers care about each other like family. The teachers want to see us succeed and offer help whenever we need it.
I like that there is a close net of teachers in the school Though the school is only two floors big (with no basement), it still has an advantage that big schools don't have which is not being able to get lost within the school.
This is my first year at ICHS. So far its been very pleasant. The teachers are nice and so are the students.
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My overall experience was good. I came to this school in the 10th grade and I think that was honestly the best year. I'm a senior now and I am about to graduate soon and in my 3 years at ICHS there were a lot of changes. The Uniform was changed when I was in the 11th grade and I was not happy about that change because the new uniform is expensive. But one change that I like is the new teachers. They are really good and helpful.
The teachers are awesome and helpful, but the students' discipline may not be good enough. The school's size is pretty small, there is a gym and there is a park not far from the school. The neighborhood is just OK, but it's pretty easy to get the transportation near by. Due to the size of the school, students can know each other pretty well. And the school provides couple dual credit courses instead of Honors and APs.
Poor facility because it's in the middle of a city but the teacher were helpful
Strict and keeps you in line.
Most teams are average, Good basketball team.
It is not very exclusive, but the accept very fairly.
The sports clubs were okay
They offer financial aids and grants
there is no help except from the counselor and some teachers. there's really no bullying in the school that I know of. I am always in dress code and my attendance is somewhat perfect.
After leaving this school and going to college, I felt very prepared. The teachers did a great job and my transition into college was smooth.
International Christian High School does offer extracurricular activities such as Baseball, Volleyball, Chess club etc., however there isn't a lot of participation in them. The school's small size may be a big reason for that, however it would be more fun if more people participated.
During the flu season, active measures such as daily cleaning with a strong disinfectant were taken; however five to ten students still caught the flu. Overall, the students and faculty are still very healthy.
The gym teacher was enthusiastic, and we did make do with what we had, but I felt as though the school was under equipped .
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