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International Business & Communication Studies at Olympic High School Reviews

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I love the opportunities given to me at this school. My time here was well spent and all the teachers helped me come out of my shell throughout the years of me attending the school. The staff is always willing to help but the students weren't so friendly.
My school was based around financial classes. I had a very great time there. We had this microsoft program that after we took it should make us certified in word document and powerpoint. The school was disorganized in getting us the certification test and we never took the test. Essentially, we who took the class took it for nothing.
I am currently a student at East Carolina University. I graduated from Olympic High school in 2017 and spent all 4 of my high school years there. The teachers at Olympic are extremely energetic and care a great deal about the students and that one really good thing I remember from my time there. I also remember a lot of changes in the faculty which lead to a bit of unstableness around the school. Overall I learned so much about the values of working through adversity and how to think from myself as a person in society and not just as a student. One outstanding teacher at Olympic is Ms. Alston she is an amazing psychology teacher and even more amazing person. My perception on life to this day is a direct effect of ms alston.
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Personally, my experience was average. The teachers did do much to prepare us for college and we were not offered many resources. The academics were fine, I was able to learn a lot.
Entering this school as a freshman was really crazy to me. This is one of the most diverse schools in Olympic so right away I’d seen a taste of everybody. When this school turned to ELED, that’s when things changed for the better. I really enjoyed my years after that. Teachers were closer to our age which made things more relatable, we started to become recognized. ELED was the best thing that’s happened to me in Olympic as a whole. I’m glad to be an “Eled kid”.
I started enrolling at Olympic when I was a sophomore on December 1st, 2014. the way how they ran the system is completely extraordinary. the favorite classes I liked taking are Film&Literature, English IV, Visual Proficient Arts, Biology, Advanced Manufacturing and Modeling, and Earth Science. I also love the food they serve. right now, as a senior nearing graduation, I'm proud to say that I'm proud to be a student at Olympic. and I wish the best of luck to those who are going to enroll as rising freshman.
Wonderful School. Gets you ready for the real world and teaches you lessons that you will most likely need in life. for example setting up a bank account, accounting, Hospitality or tourism. They have made some of the best scholars.
The school could be cleaner, but most of the students don't care and usually dump their trash anywhere.
Not a whole lot of participants, but we make do with what we have.
I have nothing bad to say about the school as a whole. If there was anything negative about it, the problem would solely originate from most of the students.
The teachers most of the time are good. Sometimes their grading affect our grades, because they haven't put them into PowerSchool. That makes are grade look bad, then we as students get consequences because teachers haven't put in grades.
No changes have occurred until my senior now
They try to enforce the rules but there is no luck in that proccess
All of our food is processed
There are different types of peoples and they will embrace you
Weve had a few fights this year . Also , a lot of graffiti and trash around the school campus . The nurse at our school isn't the "best" , she's very lazy and lacks a lot of knowledge. We have a lot of computers but not a lot of paper . But , compared to many schools in our city , its one of the "good" ones.
The academics at Olympic are actually really good. The teachers take their time with students, they don't leave anyone behind. Teachers at Olympic urge students to push pass their walls and get out there. They encourage us to work hard and maintain good grades so that we can successfully make it to college. The curriculum/grading at Olympic is much harder than I was used to but I adjusted. The grading scale makes students work harder, which is always a good thing. We generally don't get a lot of homework because teachers finish their lessons well/quickly which allows students to begin work in class. As far as a workload goes, I feel the work doesn't begin to pile on until your 11th/12th grade year. A lot of work is put on us not only with regular classes but with the completion of the Senior Exit Project.
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I honestly like the teachers at Olympic. I do have a few favorites. Each teacher does have their own style of teaching which is good because it keeps everything fresh. The all work quickly and efficiently. Most if not all teachers are always there to help students in way. As I've come to observe the school from time to time I notice that teachers do develop relationships with their students. When we aren't home our teachers are like our parents for 8 hours. Teachers at Olympic care about their students and they only want us to succeed.
I personally don't play any sports but from having friends and family that play on sports teams at Olympic I can say that we have some pretty talented athletes. Olympic has an undefeated boys varsity basketball team, and a pretty great track team. Overall, all the sports at Olympic are great and they work really hard. Students that participate in sports at Olympic love it, it's like being apart of a family. When it come to school spirit that is one thing Olympic surely has! We never fail to cheer on our Trojans!
I honestly like the extracurricular activities at Olympic.Each school is unique and has something fun and interesting to offer their students. For instance, I took an interest in Beta Club which is all about community service. As a kid who loves doing volunteer work, this was the perfect club for me. I even joined JROTC. JROTC is an amazing programs and personally Olympic has one of the best Army JROTC programs in Charlotte. Every student that takes part in a club or organization is fully committed. The clubs at Olympic aren't just clubs but a family.
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