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The dress code within the school is modest - nothing too short or too tight. Of course there will be students who decide to disobey this dress code, and they are dealt with accordingly. For example, the school keeps pairs of sweatpants to wear over short shorts. The principal and guidance counselors are always involved in school events. The office staff is always efficient and kind - many times they'll offer a lollipop to students if they're not feeling well.
Since the IAM was created in an old middle school building, space is cramped at times. The classrooms, however, have adapted to this and often incorporate use of technology within the classrooms. Sometimes in language classes online games are used to help overall comprehension of grammar and vocabulary, which always puts a competitive and fun mood within the class. The guidance counselors genuinely care about each student, no matter what the issue is, or the student's history within the school. Students with mental health issues are often treated quite well at the school and are often checked up on by the counselors to ensure they are doing well. The main goal of the IAM is for the graduating class to go on to higher education; therefore, college prep resources are quite advanced and predominant within the school.
If I could relive my high school experience again, I would definitely pick the International Academy of Macomb. Some of my favourite experiences include the school German class trip to Germany, the multiple events within classes that define the IAM, and the events within clubs. The annual Winter Olympics always puts the entire school in a good mood, and incorporates a healthy amount of competition in the school. The teachers are always happy to come to their job every day, and a lot of teachers also build healthy friendship bonds with each other. The teachers even, after students graduate, connect with alumni over social media and still care about their past students. I honestly love the IAM.
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Most, if not all, of the teachers, are very accepting of different students' interests and understanding of the content. Each teacher devotes times for struggling students within instruction period (giving other students time to work on the assigned work). Many teachers are even involved in student-led groups as well.
From what I have seen, there is no discrimination against students with ethnic differences, or transgendered students. Student involvement within activities is quite high - from the different clubs and different events, nearly every student participates in at least one activity. I have personally felt accepted during my time at this school - although each of us come from a different background (and sometimes, a different part of the county), I have found that these people make up some of my closest friends.
Lots of students love to participate in clubs and activities, such as CAS projects required by the IBO. Oftentimes students will participate in regularly-meeting clubs, such as jazz band or Key Club. Different clubs put on different events for all students to participate in, which always provides an element of fun.
Bullying at this school is taken quite lightly. Instances of bullying may be reported to the school guidance counselor; however, rarely will they call the suspected student down for a talk. Security generally is not an issue at this school; the one instance where a student threatened to shoot everybody within the school was also taken lightly - the child was suspended for one day.
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