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I attended over my hometown high school for many reasons. While going to the IAM challenged me academically just as I had hoped, it essentially put me in a position I did not want to be in - I had to choose between keeping up with my hours upon hours of homework and studying, or I could be with my family. Academics are, and always have been, a major aspect of my life. I have put 110% into everything education related I have done for as long as I can remember. Swapping out fun activities for schoolwork caused stress for me. I don't want to give up what are the last four years of my childhood to school. With a 45 minute bus ride each way, I was spending 11 hours a day just in school or at the very least, traveling to or from there. My family is the most important thing to me, and throughout the one year I spent at the IAM, I missed them. I was spending up to 12 hours every weekend studying and doing homework. I chose putting family first, and that is why I left the IAM.
The school was not perfect. There were no sports teams, and it was shared with another school. But this was the perfect place for me. I learned so many life lessons here. I was 200% ready for college. I got the opportunity to travel. I made lifelong friends. The faculty was amazing. For the school to be ranked the 7th best school in the nation, and 1st in Michigan, this was my single most best decision so far in my 19 years of age. I wouldn’t change anything about my high school education. Because of this school, I am a senior in college after 5 short semesters. I now can double or even triple major. I can speak and understand the Spanish language very well, and I know time management like a sixth sense. Thank you, International Academy of Macomb.
The International Academy of Macomb is phenomenal because it allows students to have an exceptional education. Students are given an education with an international mindset. They can explore their studies to the extent that they choose and everything is interdisciplinary by nature.
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The International Academy of Macomb is an IB school (similar to a European version of AP). This school in particular, has been deemed one of the most rigerous schools within the country, and as of 2018, is the best high school in michigan, top 10 in the country, and is the best public school in the United States. Hence, the environment that students are surrounded with is an extremely entensive yet nurturing one. Staff are extremely encouraging and are ready and willing to aid the students in their advanced curriculum. Although the academic aspects of this school are second to none, the athletic scene is non existent, the school is a magnet school, and thus students who wish to partake in sports must do so from their home school. This does not stop many of the students however, and most are aple to participate in sports if they so desire. Overall, I would not have chosen any other highschool to attend.
This school is both very effective as a college preparatory program and in the development of global learners. The IB program is not only preparing me academically, but mentally as well. I go through an immense amount of stress at this school, which I have learned to cope with and strive under pressure.
Despite being tough, the International Academy of Macomb is a great school which has a terrific learning environment. However, there are some issues the hinder the students high school experience like the homework load, having to answer to CVS and the issues surrounding the administration.
It is a lot of work, it is an IB school so the curriculum varies from normal high schools. The teachers are helpful and are usually available for answering questions or explaining topics, they always have a smile on their faces. The school is small so you will know everyone in your classes and you are familiar to their skills. The IB program is very beneficial as it allows for many learning experiences and the chance to receive college credit. There is a lot of homework but if one decides to attend and go through with all these hardships it is worth it.
If you want to torture your kid, send them here. The amount of homework is beyond absurd. Unless you are trying to escape a really bad home school, stay at the home school and take all AP classes. The AP classes translate into more college credits than the IB stuff and you will actually have time to enjoy life. So you don't think this is sour grapes from a parent whose kid could not cut it, my kid was and is one of the top students there and that place has just ground the kid into dust.
Very challenging in a good way. Teachers are amazing and friendly. I feel very confident about going to college.
I enjoyed the academics at this school. Students went through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which unfortunately is not recognized as "college credit" at all colleges and universities since it is a fairly new program in our area. I believe that they overload their students with homework, but I did feel prepared going into college because students at IAM are held to a high standard of intelligence and professionalism. I hope that in the future IAM is able to have its own building (not connected to another school), and I hope that they create sports teams and a band/orchestra for the students so that they can have a normal high school experience while participating in this accelerated academic program.
I appreciated the international academy of macomb for its push for students to reach higher standards and look at their education through a global minded lens. Furthermore, the culture of the International Academy of Macomb opened me to a new group of friends that I may not have met at another school.
Despite the overload of homework and late nights we get from our eight classes and required projects, I believe the IAM has greatly prepared me for college. We don't have any sports, but if you really want to join, you can do it at your home school and students are allowed to leave early to attend the practices and games. We don't have the strict restrictions set in most high schools, like no chewing gum or tardy counts. We are held at higher standards and treated as adults and so we act as such. Additionally, I have learned many skills regarding research, analysis, reflection, and evaluation through writing many essays. These skills are not only important in school, but also life in general. Ultimately, I've had a great experience at the IAM and I believe that all my hardwork throughout the past four years have paid off.
The course work is hard and rigorus. However, the teachers and learning environment in general is extremly rewarding in the college setting. The International Academy of Macomb (IAM) sets students up for success in college. You learn how to properly take notes and study for every test, how to deal with procrastination, how to deal testing anxiety, amd so much more that is not learned from any high school.
Throughout my experiences at the IAM, I have enjoyed meeting a wide variety of people that are academically committed. Also, the diversity within the school has opened my mind to new ideas and helped me to effectively get out of my comfort zone in ways that I never imagined.
As I entered my Freshman year at The International Academy of Macomb, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It took me awhile to adjust to the homework, but I eventually figured it out. Over the last three years I have had some awesome teachers. These teachers have inspired me to do better, encouraged me to follow my passion and to never give up. I also had the opportunity to build friendships with great people. There is significant diversity in our school, but it’s great because we are all focused on the same thing - a great education. I’ve developed friendships with people from various backgrounds and was able to learn more about their culture. We may not have organized sports teams, but we have powderpuff and a charity softball tournament that allows us to have fun while playing against rival schools. The International Academy of Macomb is a great college prep school and it is a place to build lifelong friendships. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else for high school.
The International Academy of Macomb is a place where everyone there has the amazing opportunity of getting to learn how to learn for yourself and how to develop skills necessary at any workplace. I like to explain it this way: at most high schools you memorize information and give it back in the same form, although this information can be very complex, there is normally little individual synthesis from students. At my school, students learn how to find credible information, how to break that information down with multiple perspectives, build it back up in a new way that reveals information pertinent to our understanding, and how to communicate that information precisely and effectively.
The academics at the school are fantastic, but the administration and diversity are severely lacking. It is easy to feel out of place if you don't fit the model of what is "popular" there.
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A very mixed school, with a wide diversity of learning levels, as well as people, personalities, and cultures. It is a very well educated school, with a difficult programme that greatly prepares students for college. Regardless of being a small facility, it has the greatest staff and teachers selected to teach the rigorous course as well as many resources for each selected class.
AT the International Academy of Macomb, we have a very tightly bound student body of 500-600 students with each class making up 115-145 of them. Due to our small size, us Lady Leopards only have one sports team: powderpuff football. We have nearly a normal highschool experience at our annual powderpuff game every year, and most come out to support our team!
My experience at the International Academy of Macomb was like no other. Over my entire 4 years I was embraced by all the students and teachers and had found a place to make myself feel as if I was home. The academics of the school are very rigorous though but they were all well worth my time.
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