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International Academy of flint is a great school for all ages out of my 12 years attending IAF I never seen a case of bullying. In my opinion it is the most challenging out of all the schools in Flint and that's why I like it. Great teachers, it is a college prep.
I love the leadership programs within the school and the opportunities it gave me to meet new people. I wish it was more diverse and more open to students' opinions and wants.
I've been going to International Academy of Flint since I was in sixth grade. I am now a Junior in high school and i can say with complete assuredness that these years have been amazing and have been really preparing me for life. I wouldn't change anything about it at all.
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It’s okay . it’s good educational wise , but you have to start their in kindergarten. it’s not bad though . the teachers could be better , their attitudes and the students attitudes always clash. which is not good if your actually trying to get your education. but the lunch could be better. I’ve been going here since 2005. it has changed a lot. In regards to teachers , schooling and the buildings. The classes aren’t that big. it’s rougly 30 students in each class with one or two teachers. The director is okay too.
International Academy of Flint is a college prep charter school with great academics to help high school students prepare for college and real life. Staff os strict on expectations from the students for the simple fact that we are not like most Flint schools. We are one of top schools in Flint Michigan. I am grateful to attend here.
It's nice and homey. The school is becoming more like an actual high school, which is great. It's becoming bigger and better day by day. The community is starting to become more involved with the school which helps. The athletics and academics are blossoming in full effect.
My experience is one that prepared me for the academic aspect of college extensively however it is also one that falied to give me the full highschool experience and prepare me for the extracurricuar aspect of college life due to its lacking in athletics, electives, and clubs
international is okay . well the education is okay. i wish we had more African american classes , but thats me. umm the lunch could be better though. so could the teachers , but thats it. ive been here for like 12 years.
IAF offers numerous curriculum's that engages students in understanding the world around them and how it makes an impact on others. IAF is part of the SABIS network which consists of many other sister schools in various regions. The system that they use to teach the students strives them to become excellent individuals.
I have been attending International Academy of Flint since kindergarten and I am now in ninth grade. Over my years here the experience has been good overall. I have repeatedly been challenged with academics, especialy math. The staff is respectful and comforting. Our student life program is the the heart of the school. This orginization allows students to be involved not only in the school but also the community. However, International Academy of Flint needs more extracirricular activities and classes. For example, a music class for middle and high school students would be a great addition as well as an high school girls basketball team. Overall, International Academy of Flint is the best school in Flint,Michigan.
The learning curriculum at this institution was phenomenal. My instructors were very engaging and structured. The office staff can be rude at times.
It's a great school. Safe environment! I wish uniforms wasn't an option and the lunch was better. But the teachers and academics are great! Definitely a college readiness school.
its just okay but to whinny.
Okay, not consistent in grading.
Here at International we take bullying very serious.
We have a Student Life Organization. This is the most fun to me. It's a group of students working together to come up with ideas to make the school better.
We only have 3 sports. We have girls and boys basketball and then we have volleyball. Not a lot of girls play basketball. The girls basketball and volleyball teams aren't that girl. This is the first year any body noticed our boys basketball team.
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Everyone gets the same two options for what ever is being served that day. A la Cart is probably the only great thing they have in there that everyone likes to eat. They don't accommodate people who have dietary problems, along with people who are vegetarians; Basically you eat what they have or you better hope you have money for the A la Cart. Snacks all come from the A La Cart. Lunch line food could be of better quality.
Most teachers are very helpful, but some can be the opposite. Some teachers have a different style of teaching that helps the student understand the subject, but there are others who go right from the text book. Communication can sometimes be lost. Grading is pretty normal and just like any other high school really.
They have the core subjects, but they also offer some online courses and AP classes. Teachers can be a win lose, you either like them or you don't. Scheduling is pretty easy because its pretty much set for you. Workload can be managed if you put the work in to do it. They offer lots of after school tutoring for those who feel they need it.
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