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I go to the campus in Troy, IA East, so it may be a bit different from Central. However, I'm sure the community is still the same.
Everyone is extremely helpful - students and staff. Because the curriculum is relatively difficult and class sizes are small, it really does feel like a large family. I loved IA ever since freshmen year. There are so many opportunities that going to IA gives you. If you compare the curriculum to other schools, those other schools are nothing.
I'm going to graduate this year, and I know I'm going to cry. I'd stay there all day if I could.
The International Academy is a great college prep high school. Through the IB program we students are really able to grow more upon our research and essay writing skills that are essential during our undergrad years. The school has great teachers who know their subject matter and are there for students who need extra help. Guidance counselors are very helpful and present throughout our college application process. There are a lot of great clubs to involve yourself in and if you want to make a new one, it's a pretty easy process. My only complaint would be that the facility itself is very rundown. It used to be an old elementary school so hallways are small, etc. Also for those really into playing sports, IA has no athletics department. You would have to play for you local high school team.
Great experience, made unforgettable memories and friends. The academics were also very good large in part because of the teachers who definitely seem to care about you not just as a student but as a person too. Obviously not perfect but would definitely recommend.
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The school provided a very positive atmosphere and learning environment. It provided a diverse view to all current issues. The program has thoroughly prepared my twins for a successful college career.
I love this school! Not a lot of people notice it till later, but the International Academy prepares their students for college very well and the teachers are really nice and puts a lot of effort. One thing I would change is that I wish we were more open to opportunities other than school and were more aware of other volunteer services or scholarships. Although we were educationally prepared for college, there was not a lot of information on how to finanacially deal with college.
Great friends and connections with some teachers. Overwhelming amount of work. Even with top test scores and high GPA students are routinely denied from top colleges.
I had a mostly positive experience while attending the International Academy. I specifically attended the west campus. I was definitely prepared well to attend one of the top research universities in the nation and have had success in doing so. Almost every teacher is passionate about what they are teaching and do their best to help each and every student. I felt as though I had plenty of great role models and was motivated by them to do well. The assistant principle is very different from this and does not seem to accomplish much in terms of helping and advocating for students. Otherwise, everything was great.
Small and close-knit but my social skills and ability to connect with regular people really suffered. I find it hard to talk to people that went to regular schools since so many aspects of this school are not like regular schools.
I am a part of a club at International Academy East dedicated to improving the school's community. Initially the club was launched as a dual club initiative between my club the Black Student Association and the Art club. We wanted to raise awareness of issues that correlate to the rebellions of 1967 in Detroit. Issues like discrimination of black people, police brutality, segregation, and etc. We later started relating this to the minorities within the school of a mostly indian population. There are minority students that belong to different groups, whether it be blacks, muslims, christians, and etc. We don't get equal representation amongst the school and a lot of our efforts go ignored by those who identify with the Indian american community of IA, but expect other minorities to support them whole heartedly. There is no reciprocation and so a lot of the times, I feel uncomfortable at school.
The International Academy provides students with an excellent learning environment and challenges students to perform their best with rigorous courses that keep each student's brain active. Time-management is key to survive in this school.
I am a junior at the International Academy and this school has really helped me prepare for college. Although, there is a downside. This school doesn't have any sports you can participate in,so you have to go to your home school.
The school does have some positive learning experiences in that it teaches students to be analytical of where they get their information and the implications of a source's origins on the way it will present information. However, the school was also a very competitive and toxic environment that I feel the teachers, faculty, and administration helped perpetuate.
The International Academy is a wonderful school in which the students are well-prepared to take on college and the real world. The International Academy provides students with an abundance of resources that allow students to take control of their learning and future success. The teachers offer constant support for both academics and balance, and provide unconditional guidance to students that have the motivation to succeed.
The traditional high school, providing the goal of survival, trains an army of careless robots who just so happen to be the future. The is inaccurate in describing the IA; in fact, I have been pushed beyond my self-established limits. The teachers are extremely passionate about their subjects, creating an engaging environment focused upon skill development. As an IB school, the academics are rigorous, supporting determined students with deep passions and motivations. Learning is approached from questions and experiences. We are taught strive for a common goal: to be well rounded, to shape our world by first altering the way we think. I chose to attend the IA because I wanted an academically challenging school that appears with prestige on college applications. Little did I know I would receive so much more: valuable relationships, life lessons and inspiration, and most importantly, the motivation, skills and knowledge to make sense of the world experiences of myself and others.
This academy is no doubt a great place to learn. I was totally amazed by how prestigious an academy can be and of course, the students there are also smart and well-driven. I think it would better to make little changes to food in the canteen as I personally think that it is a bit not fit for health.
The International Academy is a public, tuition free, high school of choice for students from 10 Oakland County, MI school districts. It is a great choice for high school education which provides a unique combination of rigorous academic standards and a practical, career-related education throughout the 190-day school year. The school curriculum is based on the world-recognized International Baccalaureate program. It concentrates on preparing students for success not only in colleges but in the world beyond. It combines excellent academic preparation with a number of extra curriculum activities. Students can take different Enrichment classes; they can start their own research, participating in different clubs as well as to help their communities.
International Academy is a challenging school with a comprehensive and well-formed curriculum that provides a very well-rounded education.
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My experience in this prestigious has been magical thus far. They treat you like family and always keep you busy. They are setting us up real well for college. I am sure if i stick with this school I will definitely be happy.
The International Academy in Bloomfield Hills is a great high school. The teachers are very helpful and the community is wonderful. The curriculum is difficult, but it is worth it for the IB diploma.
I was able to learn so much and expand my skills in life generally. The education system really stretches you to be more globally and culturally aware. It also really prepares you for colleges.
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