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International Academy - Okma Campus Reviews

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International Academy is a small school with the biggest support system possible. It is very rigorous, yet worth the challenge.
Good school for excelling students but it is very expensive to go (even though there's no tuition, there's hidden costs such as enrichments, and the biggest one would be the IB exams at the end of senior year.)
Great close-knit community. Students are kind and very motivated - staff is mostly unhelpful however. Very academic institution, no sports, courses are challenging and encourage critical thinking and help students refine writing skills. Very stressful at times but definitely helps one to succeed in getting into college.
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The school is very good in terms of the education it has to offer, however, communication and the way teachers teach is not necessarily the most effective.
I had an excellent time at International Academy and would not have had the opportunity to attend the University of Michigan had I not went there. I recommend it to any family looking to make a high school decision.
I loved my experience at IA. While it was a lot of hard work, the IB program taught me not only academics, but also life skills such as time management, stress management, and critical thinking. I believe that it gave me a very good foundation for college.
I graduated from International Academy in 2017, and while not a good student myself, I definitely noticed and appreciated how the school's teachers and academics prepared me for college. The amount of essays can get strenuous at times, especially near the second half of junior year, but due to that college is overall less stressful than that. My favorite part of the experience was the students, due to the diversity, and how open many were to helping out - your peers are a good resource.
-Academically-focused IB program high school that emphasizes writing (in all subjects) and reflection.
-Smaller, tight-knit community based within a former elementary school's facilities.
-Teachers and grads are supportive and enthusiastic when helping students understand concepts.
-Vibrant after-school culture with a continually growing list of clubs and activities.
-Increasing focus on ethical global impact, especially via C-Days/CAS, Personal Projects, and club volunteering.
-Curriculum offerings are slightly inflexible/limited (due to IB diploma requirements and resource availability), but the offered classes are engaging and detailed.
-IA has a driven and intellectually curious student body. The attitudes of the people present in a learning community can strongly impact one's own learning process; hence, immersion in a motivated and hardworking student body is one of the most crucial aspects of the IA experience.
The International academy is an international baccalaureate school, and the curriculum in place is very rigorous. Overall, as a senior at this school, I feel prepared for college but the 4 year process was very stressful. The problem with this school is that everything depends on the teacher you happen to get, because some are fantastic while others are not. In addition the facilities are sub par because it is an old elementary school building, and the overall experience is average, because it will not give you an advantage in getting into prestigous colleges
The International Academy has such a diverse and colorful learning environment, with top students from many different areas surrounding the Bloomfield Hills school district. I feel that the extra challenge of completing the IB curriculum has helped me to feel and be prepared for the next years in my life; college and beyond.
Overall, attending the International Academy is a good experience. Students have to learn to deal with a lot of stress, but they become very prepared for college. Teachers enjoy teaching and are there to help students. The building is in very rough shape, but the IA community is very close
I love the community here, as well as he overall environment. It is welcoming, accepting and amazing. I learn so much everyday and I look forward to finishing my years here.
It's a pretty good school with a challenging program and lots of nice people and teachers. I know some people complain that it's a lot of work, and it is, but that's just the level of the curriculum.
College preparation is intense but I believe I am ready for the next step in my education. IB diploma.
I have enjoyed my time at this school however it can definitely be better. I wish there was a better facility because the building and furniture are very old and have problems. Additionally, I believe the lack of sports and other aspects of this school deprive students of a normal high school experience. I feel very well prepared for going to college, have made some amazing friends, and have had some wonderful teacher, but IA needs improvement.
The students are the redeeming factor in this school. Sure the education is wonderful, the courses are rigorous, and some of the teachers are wonderful, but the institution itself is woefully underfunded and horrifically stressful.
The school was good in terms of academics, but the overall atmosphere of the student body was ultimately toxic. The students were extremely depressed and their constant pessimism fluctuated around the school.
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Since the school is an all IB school, the curriculum is relatively advanced compared to other schools. However, the facilities could do some remodeling, the school does exist in an abandoned elementary school.
The thing that I like most about International Academy is the culture. With a small school, students are able to really get to know each other, especially with the inclusion of various team building activities such as Olympics, adventure challenge, and Group 4. The culture is very open-minded, diverse, and inclusive. Additionally, students at International Academy are always willing to help each other out and collaborate, so it does not have an overly competitive attitude, but rather a supportive one. It offers an IB curriculum, which makes it unique, and although it can be stressful, the faculty definitely attempts to help ease the burden and plan carefully to create a balanced curriculum.
I personally had a great time at the International Academy Okma. It was the place that I really bloomed as an individual, getting to try out new clubs and extra curricular activities, and I got to meet tons of fantastic peers and mentors. Although they do not offer sports, their rigorous curriculum really pushes the mind and intellect to a grandiose level.
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