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As a minority, I felt like I was made a token to further some agenda to make minorities seem more prominent than we were. A flyer recently went out with a group of students looking nothing like ICS. We are made to feel like victims for some weird political stunt. Lots of indoctrination. No diversity of thought.
As a grandparent, I have watched 4 of my grandchildren go through ICS. One has graduated college and is presently employed in the television industry in Arkansas. Another will soon graduate from nursing school & starts a job in her field starting in February. The third is a senior with high honors and will be applying for admission to college. The fourth is due to graduate in another year. All four have had outstanding education academically as well as support and training in athletics, drama, music and debate. The teachers, parents and staff work together to make ICS outstanding academically but also assist in teaching life skills that will aid my grands to meet life and its demands with confidence as well as knowledge. I praise God for blessing my grandchildren with such an outstanding college preparatory school. Thank you ICS!
We have been so pleased with Intermountain Christian School. Our children are surrounded by a wonderful faculty and staff that truly care for the individual students.
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ICS is a wonderful community to be a part of! As a teacher here, I love to see how accepting students are of each other. I also greatly enjoy working in a place where the staff truly cares for each other and for the students. I would highly recommend ICS to anyone who will listen.
ICS is a great Christ centered learning community! Teaching at ICS is a huge gift. I love the students, the faculty, and the administration!
My son was very nervous about switching schools, but from the moment he arrived at ICS he was blown away by the kindness of the teachers and students, after his first day he came home and told me about all his new best friends. I can already see that he is being challenged to achieve at a higher level than his previous school and is inspired by the faculty and teachers. We are so happy we made the switch to ICS.
Fantastic School, Strong Christian environment, Highly skilled Teachers who are committed to investing in the children...The teachers do not just follow curriculum they get personally involved in ensuring the students learn and understand.

Athletically the school is raising the bar, and building on prior years success!!

Students who graduate from ICS are highly successful at getting scholarships, and doing incredibly well in College!!
There is so little diversity it's sad, and racial and sexist jokes and comments are thrown around all the time with no repercussion. I attended this school from 3rd to 12th grade. The Elementary teachers are phenomenal and it is an amazing atmosphere, aside from lacking diversity. Middle and High School lacked in almost every way possible besides the Field Studies trips which were, I must say the only reason I gave this school three stars. Those with the most money, highest grades and the stars of the sports team were treated best. After middle school, the Bible was hardly opened even in Bible class. Mostly we just were taught Church History and random devotionals. This is not a good place unless you want your kids to resent Christianity.
I loved ICS because it was like being apart of a family. You got to be involved in everything and everyone wanted you to succeed. It is very nice to feel so loved
Our family has had such a wonderful experience here. Two of our children have graduated and were very well prepared for college. Both students were accepted to strong state and private schools and offered nice scholarships as well. But more importantly for us, the school provided strong biblical foundations that enabled our graduates to stand firm in their faith during that critical period of questioning and being in their own faithwise. The school's faculty walked alongside them in hard and good times, praying with them over struggles and rejoicing with them in victories. The academics are strong but don't dominate our family's life. It's a healthy balance. We especially appreciate the example of grace that the faculty and staff demonstrate daily. We highly recommend this school to any family looking for strong academics bolstered by biblical world view and values.
What I like about Intermountain Christian School is the close relationship between students and teachers, and how they invest in our lives, not just academics. Another aspect about my school that I enjoy is the opportunites we get to travel for field studies and tour group for ensemble. One thing that I would like to see changed is the athletics. I would like to see the school accumulate enough people for there to be a football team.
The academics were great but the only Christian part about the school was that we read the Bible. When I was there the school hardly exhibited Christian character. The sports teams fostered exclusion and inferiority; starting spots on the girls teams were awarded based on how much you flirted with the athletic director. the Bible teacher made us watch videos of abortion to scare us and made us write him papers about our sexual purity plans, even the girls. Students proudly proclaimed they were homophobes and constantly talked behind each other's backs and would bully the unpopular students. At one point the school addressed modesty by giving the boys permission to approach girls and tell them their shirts were too low cut. No one ever stressed the importance of higher education and instead encouraged us to attend barely accredited Christian colleges. Over half of my class is employed in service or retail, including some of the VERY small percentage that actually graduated college.
The only extra curricular opportunities are sports and music. There aren't any other options, so students with different interests are left to themselves.
Sometimes the students can be really judgemental, and if you aren't in their club you are almost looked down upon.
The teachers are extremely knowledgeable in their field, and they welcome students that may need help. Their whole purpose is to invest in the student, so they not only teach but they want to get to know the student outside of the classroom as well.
I really like this school because it is an experience that you cannot get at any other high school. The students are super close to each other and are supportive.

At first, I dreaded going to this school because I had been to 2 private christian schools before and I did NOT like them. After about a month, I warmed up to ICS because it has such a welcoming atmosphere. There are many different kinds of students that you would find in a normal high school. Each student is unique in their own way. There are gamers, preppy kids, nerds, gothics, outcasts, punks, skaters, indie kids, just about everything you can think of. They are all accepting of each other and it is really great to see all the different lifestyles mingling.

We have fun activites organized by the student council that makes going to ICS unique. Things such as Mr. ICS (a beauty pageant for males), homecoming week, banquet(s), retreats, and community service.

One of my favorite things at ICS is the annual field studies/senior trips. At the end of the year, students are given a choice of 3 places to go to for field studies. The seniors plan their own trip while the faculty plans the trips for the underclassmen. It is a great way to spend time with students from other classes as well as teachers.

Even though we are a christian school, we are accepting of any beliefs. I, myself, do not consider myself a Christian but my teachers and peers still love and accept me the way I am.

Overall ICS is an amazing school, and I recommend it to anybody considering going there.
Because we are a small school, there are not many extracurricular activities to choose from. The ones I am are fine, however, I do wish there were more participants in the ones I am in. Our school offers band, handbells, ensemble, art, and student council. I was in a few clubs when I went to public school, and that experience is lacking at ICS. The activity I miss the most is playing in band at football games. The attendees of the basketball games here don't appreciate the pep band as much as the public school attendees of sports.
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I think this school is pretty healthy. I have never seen bullying of any sort either cyber, physical, or emotional. I feel safe in this school and I have never once felt threatened by any teacher or student.
genuine,care for us in every aspect,understanding
I loved my experience here. The close community and opportunities to get involved were great.
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