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Interlochen was an incredible experience. Every faculty member was 100% invested in the students. Fellow students were generally supportive of one another and the student support staff made the transition to boarding school very easy.
There's something so amazing about this place that's hard to put a finger on. It's astounding to see the amount of talent that fills this place. Being at Interlochen is the experience of a lifetime and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
I attended IAA for all four years of high school, and I could not be more grateful. Interlochen not only made me a better artist but a better and more informed citizen of the world. Any interested young person should definitely consider Interlochen if they are looking for a concentrated school environment that will push them to be their best selves.
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Going to Interlochen has overall been the best decision I have ever made thus far in my life. They prepare you so well for adult life and higher education in the arts, and the experience is just one of a kind. There is nothing else like it out there.
I had an overall great experience, The staff, school, teachers all strived to assist students reach their goals. The staff was very supportive and protective of the students and encouraged all students to strive to be the best in their chosen fields of study. The teachers & students also worked well together in a diverse setting with tolerance and patience. I recommend this school for students mature enough to leave home and who wish to excel in performance and education. This experience has opened many opportunities for me in my field that I would have not been afforded in my hometown. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended this school as it has expanded my horizons and experiences and continues to do so.
It was without a doubt the best educational experience I have had. I received a world class education in the arts and academics while also making the best of friends whom I still communicate with years later. Interlochen helped prepare me to get into the college of my dreams and it readied me for life after college.
Although there were many difficulties with Interlochen's administration, my experience there helped me feel incredibly prepared for my future. I fostered relationships that will last into the future and honed my true voice, strengths, and confidence amongst a community of creative peers.
Interlochen was my first school studying in the USA. Everybody in the residence program was very welcoming and friendly that this new and almost frightening experience turned into a very exciting and eye-opening experience. I was able to focus on my study of music and art thanks to the support of the resident staffs and teachers. Other than the awesome artistic program that Interlochen has to offer, it also has various other activities in between semesters such as Quidditch where people get to play the exciting sport in the Harry Potter franchise, or International Lunch where students get to cook and introduce their food culture to everybody else. Interlochen is indeed a great place for young aspiring artists from around the world to gather and spend their highschool with equally passionate artists.
This is my first year at Interlochen Arts Academy and it has been an amazing experience. I am currently in the Visual Arts department and I have grown as an artist and a communicator in ways I never expected. The environment at Interlochen serves as a big part of the development of me as well as my peers. Classes art taught with an infusion of the multiple arts the students are interested in, for example, some English projects can be done in the students' art form be it music, film, or visual art in my case and along with that, of course, an explanation paper. This school has changed my life and has given me the platform to explore my art and prepare myself for college.
As a music major at Interlochen Arts Academy, I can assure that it is a great place for people thinking about pursuing arts as a career. It provides a great environment for you to improve on your field and the academics also have high standards. You will definitely have a well-rounded education.
Interlochen is a very diverse place. It is a smaller school, with around 490 students from all over the world. You can learn from other cultures very easily.
The campus is beautiful and intimate. The facilities I believe are very good. I spend most of my free time practicing and I must say the practice rooms are great. They all have pianos and mirrors.
I believe going to Interlochen is one of the best decisions I have made, it is an expensive place but they give a really good amount of scholarship and the price is totally worth it.
It was the best decision I made in my life. My friends, my teachers, just everything is so much better from my High School.
Interlochen Arts Academy provides impeccable service and helps students build connections with top performers around the world. I believe Interlochen Arts Academy can improve by diversifying the faculty and student body. While being in northern Michigan, Interlochen may not be appealing to some crowds, but I believe Interlochen can make the effort to appeal to more minorities,
Interlochen is a wonderful, unique place where you are going to find acceptance and creativity abound, making it very different from any other high school. As a visual arts major, I found such great growth in my artwork from when I first came here two years ago, and I've had my mind opened up to kinds of art making that I had never before considered. Interlochen also gives us name recognition, and far more opportunities with college reps. For example, visual arts has its’ own Portfolio Day in late October where college reps from all over the world come to tell our program about their schools and individually review our portfolios. On the downsides, however, Interlochen can feel trapped, because the campus is so isolated. Additionally, you give up a lot of freedoms you may have previously enjoyed at home, such as the WiFi being shut off at 11:30, or not easily being able to go off campus. However, if you are dedicated enough to your art form, these can be overlooked until graduation.
Interlochen Arts Academy is a truly amazing experience and school that prepares their students for various professional careers in the arts.
Over all Interlochen Arts Academy is a place to explore your passion for the arts. This is a school where the teachers take the time to get to know the students and help them grow into young adults to can make the world a better place. Not only are the academics amazing, but the arts really shine here. The students that attend Interlochen Arts Academy truly want to better understand the arts and use the arts to help others. The teachers are the best of the best. They are people who have worked in the industries that they are teaching in. Overall the friends that I made while attending Interlochen Arts Academy will be my friends no matter what. They are all hard working individual who are dedicated to their work. They are from all over the world, and while there may be a cultural difference, there is nothing that can connect people like art. Interlochen Arts Academy is a place where people connect to each other through art. This is a place where art truly is alive.
Interlochen elevated my skills and overall understanding of music in an unparalleled environment of friendship and learning.
I spent my senior year at IAA and it was a remarkable experience. The academic classes that I took were top notch. My academic counselor was very helpful with the college application process. This was important since I was over 800 miles away from home and had major anxiety about the process. The theatre training was amazing. It was intense and exactly what I wanted it to be. I loved being immersed in an art environment. The theatre faculty are professionals and worked hard to prepare the students for the theatre "real" world. My time at IAA was worth every penny.
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I am currently a dance major at Interlochen Arts Academy. While being away from home can be very tough while still being in high school, Interlochen has truly made me feel at home. All the teachers truly care about your well being. Here at Interlochen, we have majors and every major has amazing teachers that have been very successful in that specific arts major. Everyone truly loves it here, it is a blessing to be surrounded by all the ambition everyone has.
If you are looking to pursue a degree in the Fine Arts this is the place for you! At Interlochen students are challenged both artistically as well as academically to be the best individuals they can. Students work hand in hand with their teachers and professors as they help prepare for college. At Interlochen you will have access to some of the best Fine Arts instructors in the world, as well as top notch facilities.
It has great people, and being away from your parents is a valuable experience even at a young age. If you are intent on pursuing a career in the arts, you could do a lot worse than Interlochen.
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