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Interlake is a very nice school with really good teachers. They offer very rigorous IB and AP classes, as well as a gifted program for students. The community is very friendly and the extracurricular activities offered are all incredibly outstanding.
My older brother went here. The school is basically run by the students. This school is very, very academic based, so if you are really into challenging classes, this is the right school for you. However, getting a 4.0 GPA is very difficult. Also, there is not much diversity here, mostly Asian, Indian, and white students. The school mascot is a Saint Bernard.
While this is a highly academic centered school, I never felt competition from the other students. They will push you especially if you do IB.
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Interlake High School has a great mix of academics and athletics, as well as a unique mix of IB Diploma Program and AP classes.
To be honest, Interlake isn't that bad of a school but some of the students make me want to go home. For example, during Wednesday breaks, I just want to eat my hard cardboard pizza while talking to my 2 friends. However, there are annoying egoistic guys sitting in a corner blasting air horns to demonstrate their masculinity. Love that. Also a lot of the faculty don't care at all!!!! And everyone vapes or juuls in the bathrooms!!!!!!!
IB Program is great. Overall curriculum is very rigorous and has a good recognition at top schools. Gifted program is more intensive but pretty much guarantees students of good college placements. School needs to fund their robotics program as that is one large club (~100 students) which often lacks support from school resulting in poor performance at tournaments.
I was in Bellevue when Interlake decided to become an IB Diploma awarding high school. Best thing they ever did for the progress of the school!
Interlake is a great school with amazing staff and challenging academics. There is a large divide between regular students and the "gifted" students which sometimes makes it seem like it is two schools. It is also difficult to feel a sense of school spirit because most of the students at Interlake are academic driven and do not care about school spirit and school events as much. Overall it is a great school and does help prepare you for college. The counselors provide a lot of guidance for the next steps in your life and you never feel pressured to choose college as the next step in your life. There are many ways to explore all post high school options, which makes students feel like the path they chose is right for them, which is not always college.
I'm currently going into my senior year. I transferred from the east coast at the beginning of my sophomore year and felt like the teachers and councilors really helped in making sure it was an easy transition.
I've enjoyed my time at Interlake so far, as the academics are rigorous and there is huge diversity in the kinds of clubs you can joy. However, Interlake is definitely very "clique-y", with most people having been classmates since middle or even elementary school. Most of the staff are very friendly and genuinely concerned about student progress, which I find to be reassuring. On top of that, there is a pretty good balance between sports and academic clubs, which helps students become more well-rounded.
My experience at Interlake was overall pretty positive. I believe this is due to the people I surrounded myself with - I genuinely liked them and they helped me and became my good friends. However, Interlake has a very competitive academic environment, to the point where people are actively competing against each other and brag about their academic achievements (or even lie about them) to make themselves seem smarter. This creates constant pressure for the students to always do better than others and can also impact their emotional and mental well being as well as their self esteem.
I feel as if the entire school, students and administration alike, is really pushing for awareness of minorities and different issues that most schools have (bullying, black lives matter, etc.). However, despite this, I feel as if nothing is changing and as if all of the efforts of the different clubs and leadership figures at Interlake aren't doing much in terms of creating a better, more accepting environment.
I like the strenous workload of classes in the GIFTED program. However, teachers tend procrastinate on their teaching and rush us to do so much work in little time at the end of the year, especially with finals. But, this is pretty common in competitive schools around the world.
Interlake is a great school where, in general, teachers are enthusiastic about teaching and students are eager to learn. This school does AP and accelerated IB, which makes the academic scene extremely rigorous.
Interlake was a very diverse and friendly school that had many intelligent individuals, and just for that, it was a great school. One downside of this school was that because people had high standards academically, people would get insecure about getting below average grades.
Bullying and racism are still a problem. No one like admin. But teachers are cool and can understand students problems.
I like the teacher-student relationship. Interlakes is a small school so teachers know everyone. The environment is safe and the students are friendly. The thing I would change would be the food. They serve the same thing every week and the "healthier" food is getting old. They don't have my favorite salad dressing because there's no low fat version for it. That's a little excessive don't you think? They don't give us salt packets too. I would at least like my cardboard fries a little seasoned
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I would like the overall environment of IHS to be less focused on the "popular" crowd and to be more welcoming of those who come from a variety of different backgrounds.
I really like how good the teachers are. The IB program is very difficult, but the teachers in the program make it worth it, and it's super good at preparing you for college level courses.
Honestly Interlake is not a bad school or anything its just a little bit challenging with IB and other advance programs.
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