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It was a satisfactory school. Not all teachers were passionate about teaching but those that were made learning a fun thing. The recent principle really tried his best to improve the school in every way possible. He was everyone's friend. However, sometimes the focus and interest in school wasn't among the students. It is a small-town school where education past high school is a difficult feat for most. I think the school is slowly improving. There are new teachers, guidance counselors, and upgrades to the school.
one thing I like about Interlachen is that its a small town and everybody knows each other. one thing I would like to see changed is the sports program I really want to come back and help my community.
I liked highschool when i first started, teachers were engaged. They actually help you when your stuck on something or have a different way of learning. I hope to see a lot of new teachers that actually want teens to learn, and actually help them with things they have trouble with and not call them “failures”. Not all teens learn the same way. I’d like to see the administration actually get involved with the school as a whole.
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While my experience at IHS has been average so far, it is incredibly difficult to find any information about school activities. This makes dual enrollment with the college a challenge.
Overall the staff there is very nice to the students unless you are in trouble. The cafeteria could use some work but the food is kinda good. And the teachers are wonderful from my experience.
I liked the teachers and how much they actually care about the students and their grades. Teachers here develop a really close relationship with their students. Not only are the teachers, teachers here, but are some kids person that they can trust and go to if they have problems. I also liked the sports here. Even though Interlachen does not have the most winningest record in any of their sports, we all create these special bonds and relationships with our teammates. Us athletes develop these so called “Families” that will last a lifetime. This school has so much history for the students. Many students have parents, aunts, uncles, and other family members that have attended Interlachen high school. A lot of those teacher are still here and are teaching their former students kids.
I am currently a student at Interlachen High School. This school is excellent as it provides a number of honors, A.P. classes, and dual enrollment. The campus has a safe and positive atmosphere containing many teachers who dedicate their lives to helping the students exceed. One thing that could improve the school's system is to better the communication between counselors and students.
With the right motivation and help you can go far with this school and the teachers help. I look forward to graduating and watching my sisters do the same
It was a good place to go to school. I went to various high schools and Interlachen was the best fit for me social and academic wise . The teachers are nice and fair and always grade on time. They have good classes to help you catch up with graduating if you are not on track.
I liked most of my teachers and I felt that I actually learned something, but there just never seems to be much opportunity to go higher there. I would also like to see the buildings be renovated.
Interlachen high school is in a small town with two stop lights in it. Every one knows everyone there. However, my experience was different than most. I took on the task of being in as many activities I could make time for. From being the clarinet section leader in band to being the starting catcher for the Lady Rams Softball team. I was friends with the so called "jocks" and "nerds" and so I got a taste of what it is like on both ends of the stereotype along with being friends with everyone in between. I enjoyed many things at IHS, but I have to say the best part is the people you meet. Unfortunately, nothing is ever perfect and there are flaws that can be polished. IHS is located in the second poorest county in Florida, Putnam County. The lack of money shows in the conditions of the buildings and athletic equipment. This is the only flaw I see in IHS, the best school in Putnam County. Go Rams!
I love the school spirit and the diversity of personality. Also the school lunches are delicious and we are given choices of four lunch lines.
this has been the best4 years of my life, most of the teachers are very nice unless you get on there bad side which I did a lot
Interlachen high school is a well kept school the teachers here are great. Also the school help's out with the students if they are in need for supply's for school or if they need food for home they have fundraisers to help other's and the school has great clubs and sports.
The sports teams were not that good. They need a new coaching staff.
My overall experience at the school was okay. I would improve the teaching staff.
The school could use a face lift. It is very old school and outdated. A lot of the sports there do not succeed, and there are not a lot of options when it comes to electives.
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My experience at this school has definitely been interesting. My favorite is definitely playing sports, being involved in clubs and attending games. What makes it unique is that mostly everyone is friendly and willing to reach for the better. But my biggest concern and problem as to why I wouldn't choose this school again, would be because it is not very knowledgable. I am a current senior and can honestly say I havent learned much, seems like now the only important thing to be looking foward to learn for are test after test. Doesn't really prepare you for whats ahead in the real life.
The teachers here are different individually. Some teach you what you need to be learning and make sure you know the knowledge before you get tested. But then again some are very laid back about grading and teaching what they are supposed too. Teaching styles vary among the teacher, unlike communication that is very much used with the students about school work and life struggles. Consistency in grading is also varied due to how the teacher is within teaching us the work and discussing it, or caring about our grades.
The teachers could be better and the counselors are always "in meetings" when really they're having breakfast or lunch in their office. You can never get an appointment with them to talk about classes or concerns.
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