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Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) Reviews

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I was homeschooled for all of my life and tried a few different programs. IDEA was always me and my mom's favorite. The staff are kind and become like family and were always up for giving us a helping hand.
Homeschooling through IDEA allows the parent/student flexibility in what they learn and how it is taught. They partner with many resource companies and have few restrictions on what you can purchase with your allotted money. (If you're looking to use Christian based curriculum then this is not the school for you.) Each district has a contact teacher to whom you send samples and grades to. They also notify parents of upcoming activities and learning opportunities.
IDEA worked with me and gave me the resources and support to fit school around my schedule and interests, as well as the financial resources to take two classes (Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2) from my local college and top notch music lessons. The teachers there check in with you once a quarter and are fun and very helpful! I enjoyed having a support community, but at the same time having the flexibility to pick the topics I wanted to study.
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Fun easy ride in the homeschooling experience. Go through the best curriculum your time your pace and not spend 7 hours a day at a school only to come home for 3 more hours of homework. Would recommend
The IDEA program offers a wealth of support and resources to homeschooling families throughout Alaska. It's a wonderful team of people dedicated to home education.
IDEA provided excellent resources, advise and encouragement to my family during my entire education.
My daughter is in 7th grade here and they gave her the accelus tablet which broke down on her!!!! The 7th grade acellus tablet gave her projects such as drawing triangles, drawing animals in its natural habitat, and an instrument they would like to play. They also asked my daughter questions repeatedly and they were all questions as she was in 3rd grade
Since I was 8 years old, I've been enrolled with IDEA. The staff has always been wonderful and kind, the clubs and events I've joined are so much fun, and I feel fulfilled with my education. My contact teacher has always had fantastic suggestions and recommendations whenever I'm unsure about a course.
The Interior Distance Education of Alaska(IDEA) is a very good school. It is a home school program that gives you a certain amount of money in order to buy curriculum material. It has a lot of extra curricular programs that you can participate in. And the staff is extremely friendly and helpful.
I never got super involved with extra curricular events IDEA had available such as the Academic Decathlon but I have friends who did and had a wonderful time doing iT. You have to be a very self driven student if you want to thrive though.
I loved being a student through IDEA. We were able to start our own student clubs and we could choose the courses we wanted to take. Homeschooling isn't for everyone, but it is for a student that has a passion for their own education.
My experience with IDEA has been amazing. I was with them from Pre-K through 12. My contact teachers were all amazing, but most especially, my high school contact teacher Scott Gingrich. He is a math whiz and would tutor me with my math whenever I was having difficulties. His tutoring is what has helped me to do well in all of my math classes that I am now taking in college. IDEA's staff are all very friendly and they help you with whatever questions you may you have. IDEA also gives their students an annual allotment that helps pay for anything that would help with their students' education; (computer, laptop, books, etc). I feel truly blessed to have been home-schooled and enrolled in IDEA!
The teachers are helpful and supportive. The environment is peaceful. The staff as a whole is extremely knowledgeable.
The school is incredibly safe and there are no problems with bullying or safety.
All students of this school attend clubs and after-school activities. The students are well-rounded and most attend all of the clubs. The clubs are personalized and can be altered upon any student's request. The teachers are engaging and inclusive of all students. In my opinion, the most fun club was the Geography Bee Prep Club. All students from the school participating in the bee were members, and we all learned from each other.
What makes this school unique is the personal experience each student receives. I was often able to visit my teachers at their houses and discuss scholastic activities that weren't related to my own courses. If I could do it all over, I would choose this school, because the attention I received is one-of-a-kind.
The teachers are incredibly personal and knowledgeable. Upon junior year my teachers created several personalized binders full of information on colleges and universities and scholarships fit for me. My teachers could always answer my questions and give engaging lectures about the subject material.
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Personal safety is not an issue. Bullying can be present, but is usually verbal. The health programs are amazing in this school!
There are options to participate in if you want to. Most clubs revolve around academics. Math, science, and general studies.
If I could redo my high school career, I would attend IDEA again, but I would do more to make future plans. The biggest struggles I have had with this school have been self-inflicted. Students thinking of attending IDEA should keep in mind what you put in is what you will get out. Be organized and self-motivated. With that said, I have loved being in charge of my schedule and being in control of the classes I take.
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