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There is a small amount of population among the students that just do not care about high school. Although, all schools have some aspect of this Interboro's is just large enough to be whispered and heard about. However, I love Interboro and am proud to be a student there regardless of the looks of the school, of its negative attributes and stereotypes. Beyond this small population, Interboro students are the most caring and hard working students out there. Ivy League students that will continue on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, and do fantastic things in life. We are the most passionate, most ambitious, most determined students that most schools cannot compare to.
I graduated in 2000. Back then the school was a great place to be and a blue ribbon school. Now I have friends who’s kids went there and graduated in the last few years, and sad to say it’s gone down hill.
I graduated interboro class of 2015. Interboro is not very diverse but I have met some amazing people who I will never forget. IHS offers a variety of electives and helped me prepare for college in a range of ways.
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I liked the teachers and administration, however there weren't enough activities made readily available to students who wanted to get prepared for college. Resources could have been allocated better.
Most teachers really try to connect with their students and make sure that they understand the topics and could connect them to situations outside of school. The teachers and staff truly care about the wellbeing of their students and many of the students are extremely welcoming and friendly, making friend groups easy to fit into. Many of the honors and advanced placement classes are challenging and lots of hard work but well worth it in the end.
As much as my peers say they do not like our school and it is not the best district around, I would not have wanted to go anywhere else. The teachers actually care about our education and success and I feel like I am prepared to take on the future.
I feel that's a very good and a safe school. Everything is good, I think there are no changes which are required.
The bonds that I got to share with this high school where I made so many new friends. The new experiences and just all the amazing teachers and the best sports team every. I may not be going to D1 next year but, I'm proud to be on the teams and got to be a part of them.
Interboro's offers a wide variety of academics. The VoTec program is popular and AP courses offer a wide variety.
There is not really any ethnic/racial or sexual orientation social problems at my school. Generally, all students are friends and get along. Since there is a wide variety of clubs and activities, I feel that everyone has a "place" for themselves.
I am very pleased with extracurricular activities.
I am very involved in extracurricular activities at Interboro. Again, I am very pleased with the organization of each activity that I am involved in and the enthusiasm of the teachers who run these programs. I love my experience in high school.
In my experience with the teacher's, I have been very pleased. I am currently enrolled in AP courses and have taken 5 prior AP courses. The AP teachers are very knowledgeable and are willing to work with students before and after school.
Besides a few computer glitches with schedules I think our process at school works. I have been in all the Honors and AP classes and think the classes are excellent and make your think at a higher level to prep me for college.
I think our school is very average and much like other schools in regards to culture and diversity. I think the student body and staff do a good job of creating a culture of acceptance.
We have everything from all season sports to music, language, newspaper, student government, and even a credit union branch that students can work in at my school. It's very diverse and touches all aspects of life for students.
I enjoy being VERY active in school. I am an athlete and part of student council and other leadership type activities.
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Teachers at Interboro go above and beyond to help students. I have been in situations where I needed extra help and every teacher I have had takes the time to meet with me, explain work I don't understand and help me become a better student.
Every single sporting event have peers in the stands cheering them on. Majority of our school shows up to almost every sporting event there is. I am an athlete and I am always impressed as to the crowd of people we end up getting. It amazes me that everyone does get involved in every sporting event.
There are after school tutoring sessions that are offered to all of the students. If anyone needs help they can have the advantage to go to their teacher and explain what they need help on.
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