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Inter-Lakes High School Reviews

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My overall experience with ILHS has been pretty good, with a few minor complaints. While this school has great resources and wonderful staff, math and science gets priority, leaving anyone interested in art, history, or music in the shadows.
They weren't very understanding of my situation when I had no internet. Rather than allowing me to submit paper copies of assignments that other students did on the computer, I was often forced to stay late at school for weeks at a time in order to finish assignments on school computers.
There are lots of existing options, and the community is close enough that students can start new options any time they want and get decent support.
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Several teachers are outstanding. Many other teachers seem to establish an expectation for a student's ability to perform, and teach to that expectation rather than trying to push the student.
Bullying has not been an issue, and I'm not aware of special security measures. During school hours, visitors have to sign in and be buzzed through the door. But most staff and parents know each other and support each other.
This school has some really fantastic staff members and teachers, and also some so-so teachers. We've had both great experiences and frustrating experiences. It's a small community, where parents and students know each other and support each other. Overall, a good experience for us and our children.
I have never seen a single instance of bullying at this school.
While a few clubs come to mind that could stand to be added, there are many different high quality clubs and activities available for students.
I've been to three elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools, and never have I felt more accepted and integrated than at Inter-lakes.
Teachers take the time to get to know every student individually in order to meet their needs for education.
The classes are okay but the workload is too much especially if the student has a job.
Our resource officer sucks. He's not helpful at all and really does nothing. Also in the health part the nurse is rude. She doesn't care at all and obviously hates her job
The coaches for sports can be extremely unfair. The softball coach plays favorites to the extreme and doesn't understand that some students need to support themselves financially
The teachers are kind but the school is so small we don't have as many opportunities
some of the teachers care 100% and really help but some don't try as hard
enjoy rivalry games immensely, Guidance department is very helpful.
Inspiring Reading/Literature/Writing Teachers. Strong Guidance Dept as far as I can tell from both my children.
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No encouragement towards athletics and school spirit. Teacher focus is on the "difficult" kids or the high academic kids.
Its the school in the district that I live in. It's okay if you are a hardworking independent student.
It's School cafeteria food not a gourmet restaurant.
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