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Inter-City Baptist School Reviews

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Inter-City is a small school that prepares student well for college and life. I had the privilege to graduate in the 80’s and my children also attend.
I loved the environment of the school. It was an awesome experience to be surrounded by people with simialir beliefs and world views, but also to be challenged acedmically and spiritually in order to strengthen our knowledge and better prepare us for the future. I also loved the support, encouragement, counsel, and love I received from friends and faculty.
They have a few all white soccer teams they get behind. Maybe if jim Hubbard stepped outta retirement the ball team would win something
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Why waste your money on a terrible education and incredibly isolating spiritual doctrines? Jesus is not a religion. He loves and cares and doesn't judge. strap on your collard shirt and be prepared to learn useless information. Learning apologetics is awesome and much needed...when your teachers present fact not bias. Just an abortive facility.
It is very safe but there is not a school nurse.
Sports, music, drama, and yearbook are available.
This is a good school that teaches a solid worldview.
The teachers genuinely want you to succeed and will do whatever they can to help you.
The teachers adequately do there jobs.
As a college prep school, Inter-city has a great many resources for students.
The care of the student is a top priority at IC.
The staff at Inter-city is very helpful and caring. They are always seeking the best for the student.
There are many extracurricular activities offered at Inter-city including but not limited to choral, sports, different music groups...the list goes on. I enjoyed and benefitted from these activities at my time at Inter-city.
Because Inter-city Baptist is, as the name entitles, a Christian school, a requirement for add ending would include that the student be a Christian as well.
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