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Integrated Design Electronics Academy (IDEA) Public Charter School Reviews

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I like that IDEA is open to welcoming new clubs and student-led activities. This school is also big on advocacy and has a great ACAD program. The school also offers many other opportunities such as, dual enrollment with UDC, college tours, scholarships, and work force fridays.
Integrated Design Electronics Academy is a school where the main focus is, discipline, order, respect, and fun. The teachers do their best to connect with the students and are emotionally invested in each child's success. However, the organization of the school is by far the worst I've dealt with. The facilities are awful, for example, there are urinals without sections to separate each urinal. There is a disconnect in the parent-teacher relationship at IDEA. One can ask for a weekly progress of your child's work ethics and behavior and still do not get it. Very often they call only when they don't want your child in school. I've attended this school for 4 years and I can honestly testify that this school has a lot of improving to do.
I had a great and perfect experience at Idea Public Charter school, what i mostly want to see change in Idea public Charter school is the increase in Cultural Diversity, people from many nations come together as one.
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At idea we take many trips to help the community and have time periods in the day where we come together and reflect on how to make better decisions and grow not only academically but socially.
IDEA is a good charter school. I am a involved student and athlete. I participate in almost every event. The school could use more sources, but it's not a bad school. The teachers are caring and supportive. The most supportive person I've worked with in IDEA is Stg. Briscoe. She is the Dean of Academics and she supports me and makes sure I am keeping up with all my classes. At first, I didn't want to attend a small school like IDEA, but a small school with a little amount of students is great. Students that need extra can get help right away. There is no waiting line like they have at big public schools. There are many more supportive staff that love to see their students succeed. IDEA Public Charter School is a great school to send your child/children.
Overall I love the teachers and their willingness to help student excell.
My overall experience at this school was very educational. There were moments we had fun but we did it while learning. I was also apart of the JROTC program and ranked a Cadet Command Sergent Major so i had the opportunity to lead the school in events. I loved my teacher and this school has a great testing achievement that Im proud of.
hot-dog are the only good thing
I love playing all type of sports so Volleyball and basketball are my two favorite things to do after school
We have a library with no librarian and its hard to find specific books
the food is alright on some days and good on other so its fair overall.
the academics is alright from my standards its pretty fair.
the administration is very tight on things and they makes sure everything is running smooth.
the school for the most part is very secure and very safe.
I believe that the athletics is okay and a decent enough athletics to grow and build for the future.
I feel like I have done enough to get myself through college , and idea has helped me develop my skills to get good grades and excel at the next level.
very supportive and helpful with students
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playful, good to be around friends, hard work but it can pay off in the end
friends are fun to be around, teachers are great towards students
not that great, minimum food options
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