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InTech Collegiate High School Reviews

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InTech was a great fit for me! I struggled in home schooling, public schooling, online school, then finally InTech, and I stopped trying new schools because I had found the perfect fit.
There is not a lot of diversity in the school and there are no activities/clubs to attend to. However, some teachers are really nice and sincerely care about your success. I have experienced a situation were a teacher has been unfair with me and caused a lot of problems not only with me but with other students.
I Transferred to InTech midterm my freshman year. I was tired of my boring dead-end classes at my other school. There was so much I was passionate to do, but I was colliding with a glass ceiling at traditional schools. I wanted classes that challenged me, I wanted facility to help me prepare for college, not to be a housewife.
Going to InTech I was immediately challenged, I was taking classes I would have never imagined myself taking. I was learning life skills and preparing for a higher education. The school allowed me to grow into a civic minded individual. It strengthen skills I had, and improved my weakness. InTech produces some of the most original minds I have ever interacted with. I've talked with so many people from traditional High schools who admit that their high school experience destroyed them. That they had to rebuild themselves in college, InTech builds it's students, preparing them not only for college but for life.
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My experience with InTech Collegiate High School was excellent. I liked the small size of the school, keeping you from getting lost in the school and having a good community feel to it. The small size allowed everyone to know who each other were, whether it be teachers or other students. I also liked to number of STEM classes available, since they are the types of classes I enjoy the most. The amount of college readiness available is also amazing, from early college to encouraging you to get your scholarships read and other college preparation activities it provides. I would like it to have better school lunches and a better temperature regulation system, but that is a minor point.
Intech is a small quality school with kind helpful teachers that are always available the food there is better than average. Intech has been rated number three in cache valleys top five schools which is highly accurate i dont know any way this school could be better.
Its a great school if u want a little bit of a challenge but really want to be prepared for college. Great community feel and small enough so it is easy to ask for help.
Intech is a small school. It has a great student to teacher ratio. However it’s not a social Highschool, it has crazy difficult workloads, and makes college seem like a breeze. But it’s kinda worth it if you want to 100% be prepared for college.
I have two children attending InTech, and have been very satisfied with the education they have received. The staff and teachers are fabulous to work with, and so willing to help. I love knowing, that because of the smaller class sizes, my children are able to receive the help and direction needed from the teachers.
Taking early college classes has been another benefit for my older child at InTech. Mrs. Lutsk has been wonderful at working with, instructing, and arranging class schedules to fit the ones taken at USU.
I couldn't ask for a better school for my children to attend.
This school is amazing because it provides us, as students, to explore our interests with extracurricular activities. On top of that, we receive an education that we can take home with us and remember for the rest of our lives. We're not learning useless stuff we'll forget after the school year.
As a parent, InTech has been ideal for each of my kid’s individual needs. I have one child who graduated from the school a few years back, and while she doesn’t enjoy science and math, she learned confident in her abilities and both of these subjects have been her easiest in college. My son loves math and engineering, and he has taken full advantage of the course offerings in both areas, as well as AP classes and early college at USU. Both kids are better students and more compassionate individuals because of their experience with the school.
It has been a very good environment for my learning. The early college program is helping me save money for later in life.
My son loves being at InTech. He loves the small class sizes, and the focus on math & science. He struggled a little with the expectations of the teachers at first, but has finally learned if he emails them they will respond and he can get his questions answered. This school has taught him that procrastination does not pay off and he need to plan ahead and pay attention to what is coming up.
I like that the teachers are willing to work with the students if they are struggling but that they are not going to enable them. So if the student needs help, the student must ask for an extention and/or the assistance. The teachers are very open about how they can or cannot help.
This school is not for everyone. Those interested in engineering, math, science, type jobs this is a great option. I feel like most the teachers are great, I only have issues with one. The clubs & activities correlate very well with the STEM program.
It i a great school, with great teachers. As well as having great educators, there are many great extracurricular activities, such as robotics.
My daughter has attended InTech for a couple years now and we love this school. Being a small school, even though she is introverted, the students all know each other and form close bonds. Her teachers have challenged, supported, and gotten to know her thanks to the small class sizes. Both her and I feel like they sincerely care about her and her well being. While this school might not be for everyone (no school sports, music, limited foreign language) this school is for future focused students who would excel in small, friendly, supportive community. I’m only ranking it low in activities and clubs because it’s a small school so it’s not able to offer the amount and diversity of clubs that a traditional high school can maintain.
I attend in tech and it is a great school, I really enjoy being able to get help really easily. I am planning on staying there for my whole high school career.
I find that InTech is an ideal school for my interests. I can understand that many people would think otherwise, as not everyone is as intrigued by the STEM range, but I, as someone who loves STEM, really enjoy coming to InTech. The teachers are very competent, and the small number of students allows me to get to know everyone much better. It does take significant effort, and is not for students who aren't willing to work hard, but it has taught me more than I could have imagined. The only downside I can think of is that it doesn't have a music program, for which I mourn.
The teachers are friendly and willing to work with you. They explain things until you fully understand and if you cannot understand them there is tutoring from fellow peers after school. The class sizes are small which creates a sense of community among students.
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I love that my kids have a school like InTech. It is a STEM centered school. There is Robotics, and Early College at USU. The small atmosphere helps the students and teachers really work together and get personal help if they are struggling or have a really great idea to develop. My second child to attend InTech is about to graduate and this charter school was the perfect fit for her to reach their goals.
InTech is the perfect school for students who want to focus on learning. It has a positive and friendly environment, small classes, smooth connections to the local university, and all kinds of opportunity to geek out over tech stuff.
InTech was an excellent choice for my daughter, who was struggling in our local public highschool. She has been able to come out of her shell and express herself. Teachers and staff are amazing at making every student feel welcomed!
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