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Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central Reviews

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I love the school atmosphere. It's very nice and clean. We have lots of programs for everyone. I wish to see maybe a bigger place for new students and programs
Parent involvement is important. You have to continually check in to make sure that you are on track with there being so many different program at the school, some of the requirements are different. Be proactive.
My experience at the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central was rather interesting. Its fairly new facility, therefore it has a lot of great classrooms, computer labs etc. It's a small school so you will be very focused. There is barely time to get caught up in drama because everyone knows everyone. They offer a lot of great programs such computer science, media and communication , culinary arts and many more. The staff is very kind and personable to their students. Teachers have very flexible hours. Most will be available after school everyday or during lunches. I would like the climate of the school to change a bit. It's an academic driven school but having a bit more of inclusion would be great.
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I have been here since I was a freshman and everyday I come here I'm reminded on how great of a choice it was for me to apply to this school . The Teachers are amazing and they really care for you. Its like my second home when I come here. When ever I need something there always here to help me and I wouldn't want it any other way. The Students are just the same, yeah there not always great but over time I have gotten to understand them and some even become friends with them. The only thing that I wish we had more of is school activities. We need to come together as a school more. I know we're a small school but that does not mean we can't have as much fun as other schools.
I did not like my child's Principal at I.T.C. She did not make eye contact, and she was in a hurry to get rid of us. She was seriously condecending and acted like she was a far superior human being. She was very uptight, nervous, anxious, whatever; she always seemed to be in a hurry to go nowhere. My child's other Principals were far superior to her.
I enjoyed my four years here. I got all the help I needed when preparing for college. The staff is very involved. The extra programming help was also supportive. The teachers took time to help when I needed it.
The institute of Technology overall is a good school by itself , but the P tech program is also a great program for upcoming freshmen. The school has a small class size which teachers will be able to give more attention to those who need it.
ITC is a fantastic school. I couldn't of made a better decision. Academics are great, as well as teachers and students. Most classes are small, and everyone knows each other for the most part. ITC is great for students who want the best education there is, and for students who want their needs met.
Aganist bullying in all ways have events supporting and helping victims who have been bullied.
Book club was very fun creative and educational at the same time when coming to reading improving skills.
This school go above and behind for there students and teachers give there all.
Alot of the teachers helped me when help was needed and they pushed me to go above and behind to make the hard worker I am today.
There are very diverse groups of students. Lesbian, Transsexual, Bisexual, Gay; we have it all. There is no open opposition towards LGBT students. And I say open to mean that I have never seen discrimination of that kind. Mostly all students at my school are minorities and it is somewhat diverse. There isn't much peer pressure but not many students participate in illicit activities.
Schedules are always messed up, one of my friends is a year behind in math and I am a year behind in Spanish. We don't have physics but we have the opportunity to take it at a college. Everyone loves to take advanced English and US History.
The school is not as up to par with its bullying response as it should. A friend of mine was in an abusive relationship and did pretty much nothing to help her. The security guards are friends with the students so its easy to get away with things. The metal detector security checks are a joke; people have snuck in knives, drugs, and other things. The nurse will give you an ice pack and call it a day, plus she's rarely in. Luckily there aren't many fights or other violent situations.
There are various clubs with a small amount of students taking part in each but some receive more attention than others.
I've had both good times and bad times at this school. But the bad times have only been with other students, and those situations never escalated. The school is unique because of its small size, all teachers actively try to get to know their students better.
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Most are very attentive to their students and treat all of them equally. Very few act the exact opposite, not much different from any other school.
There is a variety of extracurricular activities at this school that many students such as myself enjoy.
I would choose this school again to get a wider experience of fun and intelligence with a whole new class of 2016.
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