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I've been at IND for almost 4 years and I've every minute of it. The community and students are very welcoming. It feels like a second home.
I like the community atmosphere that the teachers and students provide. I think that it is a good place or girls to create a bond of sisterhood. Diversity is a big thing that is shown within the population as far as religion, sexuality, and culture.
The Institute of Notre Dame is a school that is very good about helping their students succeed. IND boasts a 100% college acceptance rate, and they have stayed true to that for every year since they used the title. IND is a diverse location with great people, great teachers, and a good mission: to grow the girl so that she may transform the world.
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What I liked is it's environment. Fun and friendly. Especially it's teachers who care about the students individually and mentor them accordingly. One change I will like to see is some renovations of some buildings and elevators.
IND has strong and challenging academics. The teachers push us to do our best without coming off as harsh. We have lots of strong traditions like Ring and Spirit week that make our community really feel like a sisterhood.
the school shows high favouritism to the white people at the school, and when racial issues are brought up, the administration fails to handle them. The people all talk badly about each other. there is always drama. the teachers do not do a good at teaching. The counsellors only care about college prep, and when someone is having a hard time with mental health or other personal problems they can't help you. the school is extremely stressful. the school also cannot keep a steady teacher. it's like every year they fire teachers or teachers leave.
I loved the sense of sisterhood that IND provided me and the strong sense of self the community helped instill in me with every day I was there.
Institute of Notre Dame or IND is such a wonderful school that really promotes sisterhood and love. From the moment we began looking into attending IND we were welcomed with open arms. I feel that the staff really puts the students and their needs first, even if it's not a total success at trying. They never give up and will do everything to keep the families informed. IND is 170 years old and has been a part of the Baltimore community. This was a wonderful option outside of attending public school. I love the small class sizes and the college prep help that was offered.
I absolutely loved my experience at the Institute of Notre Dame. There is a true sisterhood that is incomparable at the Institute of Notre Dame. I really formed a bond with everyone in that school, a bond that is unbreakable. This school is rich in tradition and full of support. IND is like home to me, a home that I will always go back to. I wouldn't want to experience high school anywhere else.
The teachers will be there for you if you need them and the food is pretty decent. They did a great job at preparing me for college, especially if you lean into your classes and really go for the challenge. Mr. Reeb and Mr. Brown are two of the greatest teachers I’ve had and Dr. Gessler is a constant inspiration. It’s worth the price.
I have been a student at IND for the last four years. It is a small yet highly competitive school offering an abundance of classes and avenues and sports. These appeal to the diverse student body that calls IND home.
The parent involvement if well seen with all the activities that both the Mothers Club and Fathers Club support and sponsor.
They also offer educational trips that are both fun and cultural. I went to Costa Rica as a sophomore and Italy and Paris as a junior...The trips were a once in a lifetime experience and i made lots of new friends and made a lifetime of memories. I wouldnt change anything about the last 4 years that i have spent at IND.
Over all, I am having a very positive experience at Institute of Notre Dame. I think that the emphasis the school places on tolerance and diversity is what brings its community together so tightly, and what makes it a unique place. One thing that I would like to see change would be the attendance. I think that with more students, IND could blossom to its full potential.
I have loved my experience here. There is a sisterhood here that cannot be compared to any other school in Baltimore County. This school is in a rough neighborhood, but they love us. I do not regret going here.
Great school! Friendly student and great faculty! It believes in growing a girl into a young independent young woman. One of the things that I love about IND is the students. They are the reason why every day is a good day at the Institute. The girls create a sisterhood and thats what makes IND so great.
My high school experience changed me from a timid young girl, to a confident woman leader. I went from one of the most quiet girls in class, to the most inquisitive and outside-the-box thinker within the first few months entering IND.
I loved my alma mater. It was a great experience, met a lot of great girls, and received an excellent education.
The amount of diversity and service opportunities were great, but some of the teachers could be better at adapting to the different learning levels of the students.
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This school is the best! IND is amazing in every aspect whether it's athletics or academics it more of a second home rather than just a school
I became intrigued with IND, an all-girls school in the heart of Baltimore City. This was a school that was way out of my comfort zone.
Throughout those four years I was exposed to more knowledge, friendship, faith and diversity than I had in all of my life before high school. My classmates hailed from 75 zip codes, 6 counties, 2 states and multiple countries. I gained an appreciation for countless cultural, economic and religious backgrounds. Through my service work within the city I learned what it means to be an empowered citizen and to make a difference with the blessings afforded me. Through the Catholic values instilled in us, I gained a moral self and a deeper Christian conscience.
I am able to continue to grow and learn in a rapidly changing world. I know what it means to lead the way in a world where it is so easy to sit back and go with the crowd. I accept myself and others as people of dignity and worth, no matter who they are or where they came from.
I have made lifelong friends at IND. The teachers are friendly and are always willing to help. It is a diverse community and I have learned alot.
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