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Institute for Health Professionals at Cambria Heights Reviews

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It is a very informative school. Provides training for a real life experience. College readiness is available.
High school was the best four years of my life. I made lifelong friends there as well as a good head start for my future. They offer Emt training and certification, first responder certification, and nurse training. I graduated from there with my Emt certification. There were a variety of clubs to choose from including a chess club and a girls club. Also, anyone was free to create their own club if they wanted. The teachers work hand in hand to make sure the students are learning what they are supposed to be learning and to prepare them for college.
IHPCH is a very good school,i have enjoyed every moment that i have spent in that school.I was also been elected as the Junior class Vice President,and my experience was surprisingly easy.Every student in the school obeyed the rules that i asked them to followed and everything went smooth.
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My experience at the institute for health professions was a very good one. The teachers are very ingaged with the students and they want to see us succced. The work is challenging but it prepares us for college.
Institute for Health Profession at Cambria Heights is a small progressive school. It's very different from a typical high school which makes our school stand out in the eyes of many New Yorkers. IHPCH is a consortium school that values the students voice within our small school community. Students are not defined by their test score at IHPCH, the school uses in class written assessments to cultivate learning in an hands on based system. The students do not take Regents Exam with the exception of English. Instead of using the standardized Regents testing the school uses a performance based assessment. IHPCH uses performance based assessment task(PBAT) for students to conduct in depth, sophisticated research and analysis in different subject areas. IHPCH doesn't only cater to a students academic needs it is a school that strives to instill positive habits of mind in our school body.
This school wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. The rules are always changing every year and there are some policies that make no sense. This school might improve later, I hope.
It has been an awesome four years journey with this school. One of the coolest thing that this school teaches to their student is to explore their own capabilities. Students who attend this school will find teachers who are very caring and always willing to help them with their studies. There are variety of clubs in our school and each student gets selected on a club by doing a survey every year. Upon attending the clubs everyone is able to earn community service hours and boost their resume for college and future jobs. Our school places an honor roll chart to display the performances of student that they are doing with hard work. Every month there are field trips based on PBIS awards for students who arrive timely to school. Unlike other school this school opens opportunity for every students to go on line of medical field. Also, 'Good News' this school allows students to take only English Regents and grades students throughout the year based on their academic performance.
The Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights is a good school that is developing leaders and scholars out of their culturally diverse young men and women of the next generation with grit, resilience, and etc. By the time students reach their senior year, they're writing 10-20 page papers that are coherent and very unique. Courses such as EMT and Nurse aide are offered to the seniors because the school is focused toward the health professions which gives students with these interest further incite into the work they could be doing in the next 10-15 years. But overall, the Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights is a good school because the administration and faculty members insist on maintaining a closeness with their students.
“This school is like no other school. I was apart of the first graduating class and everyone is so helpful, loving caring for your education.”
This school is the best in the building it help prepare you for the medical field if that's where you are heading in your future. When graduating you will be leaving with you certificate certified in the EMT Classes and your certificate for doing cpr this is a really great school honestly
My experience at Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights was amazing. Although, the campus in which the school is located in has a low performance, Institute for Health Professions proves to be an acceptable consortium school with helpful teachers at your side every step of the way and a unique core curriculum.
Personally coming from a country where the teachers did not really help me with my school work, the staff at IHPCH is amazing a is driven by their need to educate and make their students be the best that they can possibly be. I enjoyed my classes because they were challenging me to go above and beyond in not only my writing but also mt thinking and speech. I admire he faculty at IHPCH because they not only make me a better student put also a better person.
The institute for Health Professions is a school that'll prepare a person for how college will be. The EMT program is a highly privileged program that gets a person ready to attain their EMT certificate. Being the first class to graduate, ihpch will always be a place a person can call home. If help is needed it's given. The subjects aren't designed for you to fail but designed to strengthen you.
I really enjoy this school. As a senior, they are really preparing us for college and making sure that we are all applying for college.
I enjoy that this school is able to give a variety of opportunities to the students such as getting certified to become an EMT. Also entering the nursing program. The teachers are fair and respectful. The environment and security of the school is excellent. We as students are taught different skills that can be used everyday.
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