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awful. cockroach infested. everyone is mean and all they care about is drugs and drama. I do not recommend you go here. there is no discipline system. no one gets in trouble and the teachers bully students. they only accept siblings, it used to be good students but now its just potheads and dumb kids.
ICE is a school that provides public school students with an excellent humanities and neuroscience experiences one wouldn't receive at other NYC high schools. It gave me the opportunity to develop and carry out my own neuroscience study and has prepared me in more ways than I can count on how to write. However, it's math department is not focused on as much as others and due to poor funding, there aren't many opportunities to take a wide range of classes. You have a select group of classes you get to take each year and his was frustrating for me. I was bored and wanted to leave by the middle of my junior year because I wanted to take classes that I was interested in.
The best thing about ICE is the fact that you can do your own thing and nobody cares, howeer this works academically. It's the kind of school where you sometimes trash it however you still love it.
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The teachers, the people and the atmosphere really make this place feel like him. Everybody genuinely cares about each other; teachers are very willing to help you with work but they also care about making sure that your personal life is good. All around great place to go to school.
Institute for Collaborative Education is a very small middle school and high school. Although when first arriving to the school I thought it would be difficult to make friends, but every student and teacher was very welcoming. The teachers are always pushing students to improve in classes and students have so many opportunities to make clubs. Overall, ICE is a great school and I highly recommend it.
As a city-wide school, it lacks diversity. The student body is 55% white and doesn't reflect the character of NYC.
The slogan is to create a love for learning which instead is constantly squashed.
There is alot of trust in the school so there is rarely life threatening event but the nurse could be better. The security is good and not overbearing
There is a large variety of clubs but not much funding or support for them.
Ive had a great overall experience because with students and teachers I feel thoroughly engaged in not only learning from each other but teaching each other. This school pushes me to succeed when I only assume my own failure.
The teachers educate you as if they genuinely care about your learning. When you dont understand certain concepts they go out of their way to leave open hours to meet with students after school. They care about you and your education more than you care about it yourself sometimes
The teachers at the school are very mindful of the difficulty of the work being produced and will do everything in their power to help students whether it be in class or after school. Teaches tend to vary in the consistency in grading, some teachers may grade harsher than others but all around the grading is fair. Teachers also make sure to give great feedback on essays and projects to ensure that the students all do well. Teachers give interesting lessons where majority of the class will speak out and participate in the discussion. There are always new and interesting topics/ lessons given by the teachers.
My son had been able to go to Mexico and Nepal with school. He has done archery, run track, and played baseball. He has also done community service.
The experienced teachers are great. Sometimes they hire new teachers who aren't up to par.
It's a very caring comunity. They are proactive with bullying. It has never been an issue.
It's an excellent school with small class size. 20-24 kids in a class is unhead of in NYC public schools. Discussion and class participation are a big part of the school culture. Students ideas are valued. Many studenets spearhead clubs and take initiative to support causes they think are important. There are weekly town meetings for the school community to come together and share what they are working on.
I learn a lot in terms of how to think outside of the box, but I don't know many basic facts.
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This school is safe, but does not have much equipment for keeping it safe. I never feel unsafe in my school.
There are a lot of different options for after-school activities because the students create the clubs or teams that they want to see at the school, but the school does not have much funding in order to supply the clubs with any funding.
I have performed with the high school songwriting elective as well as participated in many different sports. The school is focused on all types of talents which leaves a lot of opportunities.
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